Kenshin OVA: Yukishiro Enishi? What the hell?

Is that Enishi I see at time frame 1:58? is this damn OVA thing available or what? Can anyone verify that this is available in the U.S.?

:wonder: Samurai X: Trust, Betrayal & Reflection OVAs… dood!

uhh ya…it’s old.

torrent that shit.

Reflections…blech. That shit sucked ASS.

Enishi was cool though. Plus he had the distinct honor of being the brother to Kenshin’s totally awesome wife. You know, the one that owned the fuck out of that bitch Kaoru and should’ve been there instead of her. :rofl:

I don’t understand the hatred of Reflections, I thought it was great for what it was. It may not have followed the manga, but the production values were great and it was a fine enough ending in and of itself if you ignored the manga.

I’m kind of torn on the whole jinchu arc - on one hand, we had the awesome kenshin v. enishi part… then on the other, there was enishi’s whole gang of villains that had no place fitting in with the rest of rurouni kenshin’ story, setting, and style.

lol venom and dreadlock camo guy.

also, I didn’t like how the OAV ended. without spoiling much, I’ll say I enjoyed the manga’s happy ending better.

and yahiko grew up to be badass.

and soujiro deserved his own spin-off.

Enishi was badass

nevermind. i saw on on Manga > OVA

They didn’t go into depth about Enishi’s unnatural speed, which even exceeds Soujiro’s speed.

Men need to hear that shit. Just like we need to hear DBZ power levels.

Nevermind the fact that CCO was practically the most overpowered villain in that series. Hell, he fucking tanks Futae no Kiwami, an attack that completely ignores an opponent’s defense, and then punches Sanosuke into a wall. :rofl:

What chapter of the Kenshin manga does the 3rd arc begin? I mean after they defeat shishio.

but man… No doubt about it, this is definitely one of the best animes, even if it was never finished without the ovas.

I believe it was 152.

nothing is faster than soujiro speed. at the very least, his speed has no drawbacks.

enishi’s speed came from “frenzied nerves” (I forgot the japanese word for it, that’s the translation in the viz manga).