Okay, guys! The old thread was getting a little troublesome. Let’s kick this one off with a positive note.
Anyone heading to Bluegrass Magic tomorrow for the SSF4 tourney? Should be starting at 4 or 5pm. It’s 6 bucks and if enough people show for MVC2, there will be a tourney for it as well. Same price. What’s good, guys?


No one interested?


Moved back from the Northwest

That Bluegrass Magic tourney sounds pretty sweet. But unfortunately I won’t be able to make it (job searching, car-less) I would like to meet up with some kentucky folks and play a few matches of street fighter though and maybe even enter a tournament or two. Once things get settled with my job situation/car etc. I wouldn’t mind sho ryu ken a few folks.


I miiiiight be able to make it but don’t get pissed if I don’t, 'cause showing up at 5 might not work considering my schedule for tomorrow. Not gonna really know until then.


Ill be there so glad it got moved back to 5


It’ll prolly be a bit later than 5. I only say this because I’ve never known of a tournament in the history of tournaments to ever start on time.


Okay. It’s confirmed to start sometime AFTER 5pm. So, more like 5:30. I’m gonna be there and at least 5 others confirmed though I’m sure there will be more than that.

Alf from Melmack

See you guys there!


Sorry I couldn’t make it :frowning:

So how was the turnout?


Dang I thought shit was bein held on ps3…If it’s on xbox I’ll see you guys Tuesday.


tourny tomorrow at 6 be there at 530


Dang. Just found this thread today. Where is all this nonsense happening at? I’m in Lexington here.


Kinder, Send me a PM, I’m in lexington and we’re always lookin for new people to play. Actually have 3 of my buddies over right now, Just moved to a new place and got one of my cabinets moved over and also playin a little SSF4.

On a side note, Anyone from Louisville going to Power Up in Cinnci this weekend? I know a crew of us in lex are plannin on it.


Sure thing man.


Yo I’m back in Louisville for about a week. Brought my stick so I’m planning on going to the weekly next Tuesday to check it out.


sign ups start at 5 tourny starts at 6


Sign ups? What? Where?


Bluegrass Magic on Outer Loop. SSF4 will officially be on xbox360, but if both parties are okay ith it being on PS3, they can play their match on PS3.


Dang. I get off at 4 today or I’d totally be there. Not sure I could get to Louisville and be signed in by 5.

Do these tournaments pay out or is it just a $6 entry fee and funsies?


Damn… Not gunna be able to make it anymore. Gf’s brother is graduating high school that night. I’ll try to make it next time I’m in town.


Anyone heading up to Bluegrass magic today?