What’s good KY?
I’ve posted before… I’m from bowling green. Nashville is the closest tournament/active scene to me, so I haven’t gotten to meet many people from KY that play.
I’m gonna be in Louisville for a few days end of june or early july. Any tournaments or casual session going down around then?


You started a new thread?? Old Kim is gonna be PISSED Mark!!!


hey yk, do you like 2k2um? people around this area are starting to pick it up and theres also some silly rivalry stuff between ohio and mn going on its pretty funny. anyway just curious since we come down to arcade legends (soon to be arcade legacy) in cinci quite often and itd be cool if you could come up and play some time.


arcade legends is gettin sold ? or they just changing the name


they are changing the name and moving to a newer and nicer place a few blocks away


lolpenguinlol - there will prolly be some casuals if not a tournament when you’re in town. I’ll try to keep you posted through this thread.

edit: I can’t make Tuesday tournaments anymore. I have band practice every Tuesday and Thursday. If you guys want to move it to a different day, that would be awesome. If I recall, there was some sort of demand for that, but that may not be the case anymore. Anyways, let me know, guys!


What’s up Kentucky fighters. I’m gonna be in town on business for the next several weeks. Where should I go to play some SSF4 away from home? I won’t be able to bring a stick but I can make room to pack a pad. I’m mostly looking to play weeknights… Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after 6pm.

EDIT: Specifically I’ll be in Louisville. Seems like the best choices are Something2Do Games as well as Bluegrass Magic? Are there regulars that play on weeknights?


MakavelianKode I’ll be up for it I think. Call me whenever you want to for the time being or we can work something out. I’ll show you what Louisville has to offer!!!


Dude, the hospitality is much appreciated! I sent you a PM.

Do you go to either S2D Games or Bluegrass? Are either of those good choices for a Monday or Tuesday night?


When you call YK, ask about MArk, the best player of all time


Looks like i’m not gunna be movin back… Got a job offer here that was better. I’ll try and come up and play with u all when i visit tho.


Dudley is too strong.


Hd or ST in kentucky Wed and Thursday

I will be in the Lousiville area on business this wed and thursday will any one be willing to get a game or Hd or ST going?



So we got a facebook group up for the bluegrassmagic tournys and any get togethers check it:
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Most of the KY stuff NE? I fear I’m south side. :x Hard to fit in much driving time with college.


Anyone in Lexington besides Kajoq and I? Would love to get more friendlies in. :slight_smile:


I’m in Bowling Green, but I can try to drive up on a weekend for some friendlies.

Abel main. Not sure what you’re maining.


Dustlooper check your pms. We have a few players in BG, and might be having a small gathering tonight


Hey guys, central AR is hosting a multi-game tourney (SSF4/T6/BB:CS/Melee/Brawl) on July 31st. If you’re interested, reply here or on the official thread. Our last tourney we had over 70 players from five of the surrounding states, but sadly nobody from Kentucky.

Here’s a link to the official thread:
Thanks guys!


I’m gonna be coming up there to visit my brother in Elizabethtown. Is there gonna be any tourneys around the end of this month? or any get togethers?