If you are referring to getting it early, I have no idea.

So excited for Tuesday!


i was hoping to find a small community in louisviile :]
Are there any spots where people still play?
i mostly play AE and ive dabbled in marvel


Tournament at Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, TN coming up on May 18th, make your plans now!

SFAE2012, Injustice, and UMVC3!!!


Oops, wrong thread


Summer time. If you kids in Lex finally wanna take games seriously hit me up.


I’ll be coming for AE!


Lets get a tournament going! Im down for SSF4:AE, 3rdstrike, mk, umc3. email GT: lilp0okie Cell:502-544-8925


I just moved to Lexington. I play Injustice and Marvel.


Hey guys! I’m hosting another session of casuals on the 29th at D20 on Southland Road here in Lexington.


I would check to see if there’s a community in Lex a day after the casuals. Well I just moved here so I’m down for the next one.


Hey,folks. How many guys here reside in western KY?
I’m thinking of throwing something here soon. I have a good venue and also have actual ST,3S,and VS arcade boards. Console versions would also be ran along with AE,Marvel,Injustice,MK9,or whatever people wanna play. I know there’s a good amount of people in central and eastern KY,but I’m trying to find out the fg player population of western KY as that’s where I am.


Is there anywhere people play casuals in the lex area? I finally found a place to stay. Im moving in in about a couple of weeks




If lex area is “Lexington”, I live in said area. PSN is ForsakenM, would love to fight someone nearby, assuming of course that means the connection would be better.


I don’t have a system to play. Do you know of any tournaments or anything near by?


surprised something might actually be happening around here. I live in mayfield. Am interested for sure, and will be checking back here for whatever extra details you can give.


I just moved back to Lexington. Played with some of you all 5-8 years ago. Down for some casuals. That D20 store is close to my house… anything go on there on a regular basis?



Welcome back. We had somewhat of a frequent gathering of (U)MvC3 players until a few months ago. If there is a scene left here, I’m unaware of it. There are people who play smash frequently, but there really isn’t a whole lot of people playing traditional 2D fighters. So I don’t stay in contact. I usually just travel up to Arcade Legacy for competition.


I host casuals at D20 from time to time. Haven’t been able to for a while though. I wanna be able to get more games in soon but being busy is awful.


I have been active on dustloop but my team has sent me here, i live near richmond but i will be hosting some tourneys soon and im glad to see a few players interested in kentucky. Im thinking of hosting in lexington but i would love to get some responses on people who can attend to see if we can get this going regularly.