Kentucky fighting gamers UNITE!


EDITED 03-03-09


**Name:**Mark Shepherd(Digital Booty)
**Location:**Lou, ky
**Games:**Marvel (ok) ST:HDR (ok) SF4 (ok) Everything else (terrible)
Rippin Heavy Metal Guitar Solos (MOTHER FUCKING MASTER!!!111)

**Name:**Rob Lee (Rodactyl)
Location: Lou, Ky
**Games: **Only playing SF4 right now. He plays Marvel and HDR, too.

**Name:**Cory (Boywonder502)
Location: Lou, Ky
Games: SF4 (we’re gonna corrupt him to play some others, too. :slight_smile:

**Name:**Josh Hall
**Location: **Lou, Ky

**Name:**Chris Stone
Location: Lou, Ky
**Games: **SF4, ST:HDR

**Name:**Chris Johnson (Nameingway)
Location: Lou, Ky
**Games: **Marvel, ST (maybe SF4?)

Name: DJ “SaDo” Ramsey
Location: Newburg, Louisville, KY
Games: anything
Contact: cell- 502-608-6046

Name: Ray(Kajoq)
**Location: **Lexington
**Games: **Just about everything, ST is probably the most serious though

From: Louisville, KY
**Games:**I like SNK games and a couple capcom games.
I’ll be able to play Tuesdays, Thursdays and maybe weekend nights after work.
Contact me at (502) 533 - 2687

**Name:**Yohei(no SRK account)
From: Louisville, KY
Games: Plays SNK games & SF4
Can only play on Wednesday/Thursday

Name: Rob Denton(Rekano)
Location: Georgetown/Lexington, KY
Games: SoulCaliburIV(main game, offline only), Blazblue, SF4, Current Tekken, MvC2(mainly on XBL), but I’ll play just about any fighter, im willing to learn.
Contact: PM, 8wayrun, AIM, or XBL

**Name:**Brett Seadler (nvalidKSi / KodiakSource)
**From:**Location: Louisville, KY
Games: SF4, HDR

-GUILTY GEAR(GO TO to get in contact with these guys)-

From: Moorehead, KY
**Games:**I think he plays a lot but GGAC mainly.

From: Moorehead, KY
**Games:**3s, ggac and a couple others I think.

**Name: ** Chase Magic(A+++) :slight_smile: (Zn4k)
**Location: **Lexington,Ky
**Occupation: ** teaching JP pros at at game
**Games: **ANYTHING but only a beast at GGAC.
Contact: 911

From: Moorehead, KY
**Games:**Good Anji, he plays other Arc SYS games.

From: Moorehead, KY
**Games:**biggest Japanese guy ever. Plays GG.

**Name:**Churnell (Chicken fat)
From: Moorehead, KY
Games: Plays 3s, ggac among others.

From: Moorehead, KY
**Games:**Plays GG. Good combos.

**Name:**Jack G
From: Moorehead, KY
**Games:**Plays GG. Smart player.

From: Moorehead, KY
**Games:**Plays GG. Best slayer combos in America, period. Plus he is always high.

If you want your bio added/updated, just send me a PM.

What’s up guys, where is everybody at!?!?!
Whoever wants to train/play casuals with me(Young) can reach me at or 533 2687.

**COME TO OXMOOR 2nd FLOOR on SATURDAYS at 3o’clock **
Casuals and small tourneys every Saturdays, Support the scene!!! Keep it alive!


I’m pretty sure there are more people in Louisville, maybe even enough people for you guys to have monthly ranbats or something like that.


Let’s DO it.


Promotional Art


When my friend gets his own place, I’m sure he wont’ mind hosting a bunch of people, as long as we are respectful.

I can host maybe up to 3 people at my house. After 10 O’clock.

Who’s game this weekend? Kazoq and Chase, maybe you guys can come over here!! I wanna play Chase in guilty gear and you in ST.


I might be down this weekend, give me another day or two to see whats going on.


Next weekend is MLK Day weekend Young. I think theres something going down in Moorehead.


Oh? I thought it was gonna be at Cinci. Oh well, that’s too far for me. Lexington or Cinci seems better for the location.


I dunno Jais won’t answer his damn phone, and when he does, its his g/f.


Cincinnati Tourney

If u guys are looking for some good fun & good competition in fighting games, check out the tourney going on January 26. Here’s a link for the thread:

I know Chase has already checked it out. Thanks 4 getting the thread stickied on Dustloop as well Chase. :tup: Hope ya guys can make it up here for the tourney. Feel free to post up.

Later everybody & hope 2 cya there. Peace. :china:


Anyone here plays KOF MIRA?

I got my copy of the game today. It seems to be a fun game, after only a few minutes playing the game I had already found all kinds of crazy easy combos (which look stupidly broken BTW).


Is anybody from KY going to FRXI?


Anyone looking for some ST action in Lexington hit me up…


Something is going down this weekend. We really haven’t worked out the details, so stay tuned.


So, I’ll be in Louisville every Friday, just like last semester. From the looks of things right now I should be free between noon until 2PM. I know it’s not much time but I thought I’d try to play somebody since I hardly ever get the chance to play anyone decent at fighting games.
If any of you Louisville fellows happened to be available let me know and we’ll work something out.


FS, do you ever play on GGPO? I’m prolly gonna be on tonight since my car is broke and I can’t do anything tonight.


Sorry, I don’t play anything online anymore.
The connection here at the university is slow as hell.


Fsgamer, I won’t be able to play you anymore :/. I have class at 2, and I got to be at work by 3:30. Tough luck for both of us.


What’s weird about the ighting game players in Louisville I notice is that they don’t post on SRK, but they have freakin MYSPACE accounts. We need to get everyone together somehow…


That’s too bad.
I might be able to work something out so I can stay in Louisville during the weekend, and hopefully we all can get together and play something, but right now that’s a big maybe since this is my last semester at college and I’ve been busy as hell.

Maybe we should add everybody’s MySpace pages in the first post then (here’s mine).

Last time I checked there were a good number of Louisville players that post on the Smash boards but I don’t know if they play other fighting games besides SSBM.


To the Louisville players:

Do you guys have any free time on wednesdays/thursdays?

I’ll be in Louisville on February 6th-7th for a conference, I seriously doubt I’ll have any free time but I thought I would ask just in case.