Kentucky Gamers?

Me and a buddy are looking to organize a fighting game tournament here in Lexington,KY. I was looking and trying to get a feel for the community. Are there any players from around kentucky? If so would you be interested in tournament play? We are still in planning stages but trying to reach out to more people so anyone from kentucky feel free to post here and we’ll exchange contact information so we can keep you informed :smiley:

This particular subforum is for annoncing tournies…you can go to this threadto meet up with other Kentucky Players.

Um who are you and your friend organizing a tournament? Me, Kajoq, and Steve Tren are the really the only serious SF players in town.

Yeah never mind. I just realized.

3 people huh, haha thats more than I know already its hard to find SF players around here. Thats why I’m trying to reach out and find people before I invest the money in something that no one might show up to. We’r hoping to do like a $400 grand prize and maybe a TE fight stick door prize, just need to reach out and find people who would be interested in competing.

im not from Kentucky, but i do host tournaments all the time around the KY area. Im not really sure where Lexington is, but im starting to hold SF tournaments at a place called Gamer’s Paradise in Paducah. You guys should come out. We get players from western Ky and western TN.

When you doin this? What kinda prize is there? I can get some people to come just need some details.

i have a post up about it here on SRK. Search Paducah Kentucky Street Fighter. All the details are there.

or, go to the second page on the Forums for tournaments and events. Its Paducah Kentucky Gamer’s Paradise SF4 tournament April 17th