KenV's WTS/WTT/WTB thread (Sealed FFVII currently for sale)


Don’t know if there are any FF fanatics or collectors on these forums, but I have a sealed (greatest hits, unfortunately :confused: ) copy of Final Fantasy 7. $90 shipped OBO (excuse the dirty desk .__. lol)


DoA5 to Bakeneko
Borderlands 2 to** eperelez**


PM sent for Borderlands 2.


PM sent for Dead or Alive 5


PMs replied. BL2 & DoA5 pending


Payment sent! Thanks! :smiley:


Paid. Now to impatiently wait for the boobs- I MEAN GAME to come.


Downloading the game now! WooHoo!! :smiley:
Positive feedback incoming & thanks again!


Haha, even though 3D fighters aren’t for me, I gotta say. DOA has some beautiful digital women. Their boobs are a little too out of control though.

Thank you! Hope you enjoy the game!

FFVII still looking for a collector’s home!


Not trying to derail or anything, but have you tried CheapAssGamer? There might be someone interested on there in that FF7. :smiley:


no, but thank you for the suggestion! I’ll try out that site too


DoA5 actually came yesterday, but I was too lazy to turn my computer on. ~_~
The games is actually fun! and for a GREAT price, totally worth it.


Haha glad you enjoy it. I’ll leave my feedback for you now!


Hmm, I think the re-release, the PSN Classics, and the fact that it’s a GH might hurt your attempts. You might have some better luck with a trade or an OBO, I think. (Or CAG, as somebody mentioned)

I know for GH, the most I’d pay is $75 - but at the moment, I’m not interested, as I just bought one… Go figure.

Anyway, best of luck with your sale.


Yeah I figured. I saw copies on ebay for $150, and for a GH, I thought that was even a stretch which is why I listed at $100. The rerelease hurts too, but I figured there might be some collectors still out there. Thanks for the input though!

I guess I’ll price drop it to $90 OBO for now