Kenya's Favoured Princess: Elena Players Unite!



If you play Elena post your PSN or Xbox Live name here, your location, your general skill level and lets play against each other. It doesn’t matter if she is your main or not. I think it would just be cool to see the different ways in which people are playing as her.
If you play other characters that can help with match up practice and break up the endless mirror matches.

PSN: Mr_Flowers_-
Location: United Kingdom
Skill level: Noob. I just started playing Elena on USF4 and I’m really struggling. I used to main Sakura in SF4AE.
Secondary characters: Sakura, Poison, Rose.

I have also created a USF4 chatroom on PSN. Everyone who adds me will be invited to it. I want us all to invite people to that chatroom for quick matches, swapping tips, socialising etc.


xbl stouteOrange


XBL: TheSunsetYoshi
United States


Location: Canada
Skill level: I know buttons


Psn: almostlegendary1
location: nj usa
skill level : low


PSN: Lodrak
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Skill level: Eh. Like 1700pp at the moment


PSN: KiteD19
Location: GA
Skill level: Scrub :stuck_out_tongue:


XBL: the7k
Skill Level: Good enough to know I’m bad. (Only started playing SF4 since Elena was added.)


XBL: DRD Magnegro
Location: Mobile, AL
Skill level: Aiight


XBL: Taim Meich.
Location: Spain.
Skill level: Mediocre.


XBL: aspookyookyman
Location: ohio
Skill level: stoned


Location: Aiken, SC
Skill level: Above Average(for reference, I kept 3200PP average prior to Ultra)
Main: Oni, Ibuki, Elena
Secondary: Cammy, Yun


Trying to learn elena and other characters, im a avarage player just looking to get alot better… i could use some help learning. Feel free to add me

Skill level: never passed 1500PP in AE :frowning:


I’ve always mained juri, but I’m now committing most of my time to Elena, I really like her and would like to use her my secondary or even main possibly, but atm I’m not so great lol.
Any how I’m a pretty chill dude if anyone wants some friendly practice/training, I appreciate all the help I can get

Skill level: beginner


PSN: NinthSelecao, getting XBL soon.
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Skill: Above average, mid-level tournament player.

I also play E. Honda (my main from Super to AE2012), and I’m working on my Decapre, M. Bison, and others.


O-noitsbroko on PSN and BrokoliTERROR on XBL. I haven’t been on PSN in two weeks though.


psn: cbas15
average, at least I think I am lol…


PSN: Squishface99
Location: Western Mass
Skill Level: What’s lower than garbage?


PSN: Gemakai
Location: Southeast US
Skill Level: Average


Xbox: wurlbfree1981
Location: Chicago
Skill level: avergage