KetchyKech's Mini-Sale! (Capcom Impress Cabinet - MD/DC/VA Area- Local Pickup)


Hello, I’m selling off a few things to fund my new project and capcom impress cabinet :lovin:. I will read PM’s in the order that they are received, and will not hold items. Posts will not be counted as “offers” or buyouts, etc. Please PM me if you are interested in an item. Thank you

No Trades atm, thanks – Paypal Payments Only (confirmed addresses) – Only U.S. (for now) - All Sales Final

-whoops forgot to update this, this has sold !~ thanks-

-====All Shipping Info, and information related to shipping will be saved by me and used as evidence of sale/shipment if necessary :D=====-


Sending a PM now.


xbox wifi adapter is sold




stick-sack is sold


orders will be shipped tomorrow.


how much use on the PS-14-KNs?


putting in a stick, two months ago and played for about a week, took them out. like new

update on order: going to have to ship Friday, tomorrow is jam-packed. items go out friday shipped Friday morning.


Attn: buyer of evo stick sack, please send me your shipping address at your earliest convenience. I have yet to receive your information, Thank you


monies sent for the seimitsus.


k info received, orders going out tomorrow. thanks


new items added


Have you sold the ipad yet? Just curious.


It’s still available ~


price lowered


flash01 added


price lowered


final price drop on jailbroken Ipad


priiiiice drops


They keep coming…flash price lowered, bout lowest it’ll go