Kevin Conroy is Batman in...Superman/Batman: The Supergirl from Krypton

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Yeah uh spare me your bitching and whining, but they get plus points if they keep Big Barda in it:woot:
Also Green Arrow animated short, hope it’s good.
No trailer yet but the cover is by Clayton Crain by my reckoning.

Anything Kevin Conroy w/ Batman is full of win. I bet this feature is going to omit the Wonder Woman training.

Tim Daly and Michael Ironside please.

Gonna be interesting if they try to do what they did in “Public Enemies” with the art style. I’m not sure how well Turner’s art style would transfer to animation.

Tim Daly is in…but Andre Braugher is going to be the voice of Darkseid.
On the plus side…Ed Asner is back as Granny Goodness.

Also I do believe Summer Glau voices Supergirl in this.


Teaser/Trailer for the movie.

What happened to Batman: Under The Red Hood?

It comes out on July 27th.

Hot damn…DC just keeps BRINGING dat shit…while Marvel does forgetable, radically off-model stuff with questionable voice acting.

The animation is going like a cross between Turner’s art & the Crisis of Two Earths animation.Tim Daly will be doing the voice of Superman.I want to know why they didn’t get Micheal Ironside myself.They could’ve asked Laurence Fishburne to do Darkseid