Kevin Pereira is leaving AOTS G4 is Dead


A sequel to the Adam Sessler thread, now Kevin is leaving. G4 sure does know how to keep people working there.




you mean he’s leaving COPS, right


Cops tv
Cops 24/7 with some other gay shit sometimes.


is she leaves then its dead…


Sigh… my life has turned me away from G4 ever since they took it off DirecTV



Kevin Pereira is painfully unfunny good riddance


What does your avatar say?

Edit: At mr gork


Tech TV is the best Kevin Pereira.


Lol, remember when he use to rock that jean jacket every week on Arena? :tup:Good ol’ days :rofl:



it’s over!


G4 is dead? No. G4 has been dead for a long time now.

At this point, this is performing an autopsy and removing the tumors out of the corpse trying to figure out why G4 is dead.


Kevin stopped being entertaining when he stopped working right next to the girl who was screwing everyone in Hollywood but him.


That’s probably gonna be the last nail in the coffin for G4. It hasn’t exactly been a gold mine of quality entertainment the past few years, so with the departure of one of their most recognizable hosts people will feel less than inclined to tune in. Good riddance.

I miss the glory days. Filter, Cinematech, Judgment Day, (old) X-Play, and Pulse had me glued to that channel at one point.


Nah, Capcom still has them beat.


G4 has been dead since Attack of the Show premiered.

Closest TechTV you can get is the occassional Leo on Live! with Kelly.


Wow…what is G4 going to do this close to E3? This just got even more interesting.


WHAT? what does leo do on live with kelly?!


So uhh… what or who the heck is keeping that sick network on life support?


Cops the greatest show on the Planet.