Key drumming/pianoing

A couple of survey-ish questions relevant to the tutorial video I’m currently working on :smile:
Firstly, the action of pressing and releasing all three buttons to execute a super, do you refer to this practice as drumming or pianoing?
Secondly, do you press all three and THEN release all three, or do you press release, press release, press release (i.e. one button at a time)?

Personally I refer to the technique as drumming, and I press all three THEN release.

Drumming, pianoing sounds lame.

You do a smooth steady motion across all three, pressing then releasing. The point is to get a chance at a super 6 times, one chance for each press, one chance for each release (negative edge).

well i think what he’s saying is that drumming implies the action of hitting each key once in succession after each other… and pianoing would be where you press each button, hold each as you press them, then release one after the other.

i only say this cuz you can’t hold a drum note, but you hold piano notes.

I think both should work the same way, so its really just a matter of preference.

I think this way gives you less inputs.

yeah you have to let go of each one before the next button so you get 6 inputs.

Yeah, this is what I mean. Personally I find it harder to press then release a button in quick succession, so I do it this way instead.

try sliding your fingers down the buttons starting from ring to index.

it’s easier on a stick with a japanese layout.

so is HP -> release HP -> MP -> release MP -> LP -> release LP the way to drum? I always thought HP -> MP -> LP -> release HP -> release MP -> release LP was a simple alternative to it

Whatever works, just saying the later method gives you less inputs. Also, just personal preference, but I always went left to right haha

Same, left to right feels more natural to me.