keyboard arcade stick?


Hey guys would someone be able to make me a Keyboard arcade stick? Like basically a arcade stick but with directional buttons instead of a joy stick and actual keyboard buttons for like lp mp hp etc

heres a picture in paint to give you some sort of idea


Is this the Keyboard Button you say?

There is also this one, made by Ryu1999.

A real keyboard inside the Case.
He didn’t make the Case though, Emptyshiki did.


wow something like this is exactly what i’m looking for
does it need a keyboard inside the case? or can it just be made in that layout using a normal arcade stick setup an its components


Funny enough I am building one right now


Also on they have these 24mm square buttons

They are slightly larger than a keyboard key but it think your technique can adapt. For those I think you need a fein multimaster to make a metal panel with 24mm square holes. Or a CNC machine.

Hey why not ask this guy ^ to make two while he is at it?


Yes, it was funny to see two Keyboard Arcade things pop up today.


I was going to use

SANWA obsf 24 kk


That is what rtdzign put image of.


no, his are mounted into 24mm, the ones I picked in 20mm.


You know how he got the number twenty-four?

You two are talking about same Button.
Because Sanwa only makes one size of those.


hey dude check your pm =D


yes the body is 20mm and the outer body lip is 28mm. 24 hole is listed because the snap in tabs might break if the hole is set too small, or you may have trouble inserting them. I would go with 22mm hole at the least.


This may be a silly question, but do these, or can these keyboard sticks work with an Xbox360?


these can work in any situation a regular stick can. a button is sending the input instead of a stick pushing against a button.


Yes, you wire a regular 360 PCB to some buttons instead of a stick (which is basically 4 buttons).


Really? Are they harder than the round buttons?


I got someone to make it for me and now its completed =D here it is.

Link to gallery


I thought you were going to use keyboard buttons or even square buttons.


Wow man looks great. Tbo I didnt even think something like this existed then in one thread I see 3.


I was going to use keyboard buttons but then i thought these sanwa buttons would be better and more comfortable