Keyboard arcade stick?

I’ve been searching for somebody selling one/ able to make one for months does such a thing exist? Heres what im looking for I cant find anybody who is able to make one

I use a keyboard to play fighting games because my thumb was cut off 3 years ago while trying to change a tire with my brother while jacking up the car to change it the car fell on my thumb cutting it off so I cant really hold a stick properly or a pad which is why i want a keyboard stick to play fighting games on xbox

its called a hitbox i play on one :slight_smile:


i](‘’)f youre a dedicated keyboard player though you may want to get a keyboard to xbox converter!

Wher can i get a keyboard to Xbox converter?

I dont like hitbox ive treid it before and I cant use it properly

He doesn’t have a thumb, that’s why he can’t use a Hitbox properly.

They’ve built keyboard sticks. Just change the layout, but same concept.

Do you know someone who can build a hitbox who can possibly do this for me? Ive been thinking about buying a hit box and trying to do it my self but i know id fail

Check out the trading outlet. Nitewalker does.
Also, if you have a TE/HRAP Art can make replacement panels.

Something like this?

Mod a mechanical keyboard.

I did that as my first mod, someone more experienced could make it a lot neater.

Yes but with 8 buttons and the arrows on the left side like WASD

What is that exactly?

Messaged him hope he responds

I don’t think they’re mass produced. Do you have a preferred keyboard?

I ordered this one :

Hopefully that will work STILL LOOKING FOR A KB STICK !

Sorry, I guess I misunderstood. A KB stick like you want is relatively easy to make – no harder than a custom button layout.

I think Voltech (also in the trade forums) has done something like that.

If you own a TE or an HRAP 2 or 3, it’s really easy to get a custom panel. Go to and click on “Panel Builder”, choose the stick you have, delete the joystick part and place the WASD-esque buttons where you want them. e.g.:

Wiring’s pretty simple too. Easiest way would be to cut the joystick end off the joystick harness, crimp some quick disconnects on the 4 direction wires and daisy chain the ground from the one ground wire to all 4 buttons.

Or if you want a full case you can order a TEK-Case plexiglass case here:

You can use the same panel builder to design the button layout anyway you want to.

hey Scooby, basically that was a keyboard wired up to a neogeo port then wired to a PS3/X360 pcb (paewang in that case), now when I do this mod I use a DB25 so that the keyboard retains PC functionality.

See it in action here:

Now I’d say around 99% of the modders you find around here are more talented than me and will be able to do a cleaner job with a keyboard. However the easiest way to do this is as the people above have said, replace a panel.

Hey guys - another option is KeyCade Arcade Controllers. They have controllers with all sorts of combinations of buttons and keys for directional and attack buttons. Have a look:

KeyCade Arcade Controllers

Keys Only Controllers

Keys and Buttons Controllers

Buttons Only Controllers