Keyboard as a controller (PS3 and 360); Is it possible?


I’ve read about people attempting this for FPS games, but I can’t find any solid (or simple) method for doing it. Anybody know of a proven and simple method? Maybe a special keyboard? (I don’t know if the Bluetooth one’s designed for PS3 can work as controllers)


I too would like to know this . Some games I’m really good with a keyboard :slight_smile: ( Points at Third Strike . ) .


I believe the XFPS Sniper Plus 3.0 is the latest version. Make sure you get the latest version just in case you decide to ever use it for FPS. I know previous versions had mouse lag and dead zones, which completely defeats the purpose of using the mouse over the controller for FPS.


An old keyboard like this one that have a huge PCB would probably be easiest for something like this. Just solder wires from traces on the keyboard PCB to the correct points on your new PCB, and saw off some of the unused keyboard PCB so you have space for your new PCB.

If you want your keyboard-controller to look newer, most keyboards these days use membranes instead (similar to what’s inside a dualshock 2 or sixaxis) like this one… it’d be messier and probably more difficult to find the traces and solder to them (they’re just lines of copper etched onto sheets of plastic, after all), but you’d get a nice looking keyboard-controller.


XFPS was mentioned. I got to use an older one for a little bit, but it died fast. Haven’t tried a newer one. The MayFlash Max Shooter advertises basically all the same stuff as XFPS but I haven’t heard many reports about how well it works.

Also, I’ve used an old keyboard with a giant PCB like Sleazoid decribed. It works. Its a bit annoying to get working but its possible. Unfortunately when I tried it I ended up with screwed up gamepad PCBs twice. Probably my fault, but I haven’t been able to track my mistake down yet (I suck as soldering).

I haven’t found a good way to use any modern keyboards unfortunately. As was mentioned, they are thin metal pathways on sheets of plastic. I had some success putting a metal staple through the pathway on the plastic and then soldering to the staple, but it wasn’t a solid option.

If the MayFlash or the newer XFPS turn out being good ways to use the keyboard to play on consoles, I’ll be all over them.


Thanks for the responses, guys. I think the keyboard mod is out of my range and kind of impractical. It would be more practical if I desperately needed to use keyboard like some FPS players.

I did a bit of searching but I can’t find a definitive answer for the XFPS. Some say it lags, others say it doesn’t, and a few say that only the mouse lags. I also heard that it depends on the PCB.

I guess I’ll wait for more testing.


ryu1999 had this really cool custom
in the custom stick thread
i dont know about using something like this for fps games though :stuck_out_tongue:


That custom is real cool.
I prefer arrow keys on the left hand though (if I ever use keyboard for a fighter or similiar, I bind the buttons to numpad)
Keyboard is kinda nice in some ways… So precise. Hadouken and shoryu are so easy.


Like I said Versions 1.0 and 2.0 have lag problems. But the 3.0 sniper works well with the mouse.


Thanks! Sorry I missed that.

But how about PS1 and PS2 controllers?