Keyboard Decoder


I’m looking for a keyboard decoder for a projectbox, any recommendations?


Question, why a Keyboard decoder and not go with a USB game pad?

What are you trying to do with your project?


Lately I have been getting a kick out of playing shmups with a keyboard on pc, wanted to make a project box with DB15 for Neo Geo and padhacks. I was hoping to find something like the undamned decoder for usb keyboards, unfortunately I haven’t found anything.


I also had to ask as Keyboard encoders is a very, very, very old way of making arcade sticks for PC use, it was popular for too long of a time with the MAME scene.

Most modern shumps support a proper game pad, and a gamepad/stick PCB encoder would serve you better than a Keyboard Encoder.

But there still a few purpose built encoders on the market, There is this from the UK

Paradise Arcade does sell the same encoder in the US