Keyboard / gamepad display program


I am looking for a program which can display keyboard (preferably gamepad) inputs and display them on-screen (an instant display would do, input history would be even better).
Here is the twist : I want the program to display the inputs even when it doesn’t have the focus.
I know it is one of the features of a keylogger, but I know that “legit” programs can do this kind of thing (Foobar2000 for instance can do it, and it is a very useful feature).
Does anyone around know of such a program ? I want it to record some tutorial videos.

Thanks in advance.

edit : oh wait, now that I’m talking of keyloggers…I think that might be the right direction for searching. I’m going to search more and keep this thread updated. A lot of these programs seems made to log the input and not actually display it on screen, though, so my search may not be easy :confused:

edit 2 : it turns out xpadder can do it :slight_smile: Thread can be closed.