Keyboard Input support?

I looked around a good amount, and didn’t see this topic brought up at all, which leads me to expect the worst… but…

Does PS3 MvC3 have plain, simple, keyboard control support? I know the PS3 is perfectly compatible, and supports them for a good amount of FPSes, so I’m hoping.

If it does, how would I go about setting it up? A day at a friends house yielded little hope, but, the only KB we had on hand was pretty junk.

If it doesn’t… :confused: … That would make me sad-face, as I’d have to look for some third party solution. D-pads and thumbsticks just do not work for me, and between KB and pro stick, I do have a slight, fond preference for KB. What would be the best solution, if it doesn’t support KBs - Are there adapted KBs out there for sale, or would I basically need to rig a KB layout onto an arcade stick?

Also, hopefully nobody will start some silly input method racism, or some such. I just like buttons. <3

There have been keyboard sticks in the past, but what’s popular as of right now in the community is what we have dubbed “Hit-boxes”.

Just remember that your choice of controls is a preference, and you won’t get godlike status just because you use XXX controller.

That thread makes me happy .:party:

And, yes, it’s definitely a mere matter of preference for me. Too many hours spent decoding and recording the combo mysteries of XvsSF on an old and trusty keyboard, it’d be too much of a hassle to retrain all the muscles on something else.