Keyboard Issues During Multiplayer

Hello there! I play on the PC using the keyboard, and when I play in Arcade Mode all the inputs work perfectly fine. But when I try and play with my roommate online in Endless, for some reason my attack inputs randomly stop and start working repeatedly. I never had this problem until very recently during one of our matches, and I’m not sure what could trigger such an event to happen. This issue keeps appearing now in almost every single online game. Any help would be appreciated

It’s more of a keyboard issue rather than the game. Your typical keyboard can only accept as many button presses at a given time, so any more buttons that are pressed beyond the limit will not work. As far as I know, you can only have a maximum of 4 or 6 button presses at the same time. This can be solved by using a mechanical keyboard, which is more expensive than your regular keyboard.

I think the issue you are having is what they call “ghosting.”

I tried using my roommate’s usb keyboard while the issue was occurring and the inputs were still not coming out. The environment is pretty controlled because I don’t see myself doing anything different to trigger such an issue. We have noticed that this is happening more when my roommate hosts the game instead of myself though

Maybe it’s a connection issue? What you can do is to watch one of your replays with your roommate and turn on the input so you could see the pressed buttons being recognized by the game during the match.

Alright thanks! I’ll try that out and see if things explain itself.

probably keyboard has some input problem with the attack buttons you set in a specific region (eg QWE,ASD). Try to download the latest drivers and firmware of the keyboard.

also try using another set of keys (eg UIO,JKL) to see if it solves anything.

As a point, he said “In arcade mode it works fine” so if it really does work fine in singleplayer, it’s not the Keyboard, Now I play on a keyboard and I’ve noticed some weird things happening only after this patch. Mainly it’s my direction keys though (If i’m holding Left, randomly I’ll stop holding left for some reason, and have to release it and press it again for it to accept it, you can see why this can be a problem because you can be blocking when all of a sudden you just get hit)

So I’ll test it a bit more but you could be onto something here. Only happens online to.

I played a couple of ranked matches last night and no problems so far aside from the usual input delay if the connection is red. I’ll mention it here if I get to encounter it.

Started playing online again and the issue is still occurring. Looking at the replay, the game doesn’t even register the attack buttons that I’m pressing. The directional inputs are all being read fine. The issue switches between punches and kicks too, one second my medium punch is not working, another my medium punch is working but heavy kick is not. <br>