Keyboard Layout hitbox?

I just saw a few minutes ago a UMvC3 match on evo 2k13 where GEX HealingCare was using a hitbox with a keyboard layout for the buttons with the directional arrow keys on the left side and the other inputs on the right. I’m very interested in finding and purchasing a similar hitbox because I am more adept at using a keyboard than a stick or a gamepad. Would anybody happen to know where I could find one?

well for those special controller stuff i think you need to make your own one. his hitbox looked custom made

You can’t just buy a controller like that, it have to be a custom made stick.

I did some pretty extensive research a few months back before making my keyboard-hitbox hybrid, and I never saw anything like that for sale, so unfortunately if you want one it’ll have to be a custom job.

Definitely a custom build however Very simple to build. Buy a akishop ps360+ board from focusattack when they become available. Find a box (cigar boxes might work). Pick up some forstner drill bits for 24mm or 30mm button holes. Create a button layout / Drill holes / install buttons and just wire it up. The ps360+ board requires no soldering so it’s basically just plug and play. You also don’t need to worry about installing a joystick mount or layering panels since it’s all buttons for a hitbox. What I do want to know is what kind of square buttons HealingCare used for the directions?