Keyboard not working : SSFIV (not AE) on Win7 Bootcamp (iMac)


I have SSFIV purchased online a year ago, working great on my macbook pro and my imac 27’, native keyboard all good.
But I’m on vacation at my Friend’s house (another country) and in this iMac 21’ AND their PC (both with wireless keyboards) I can’t go past the startup movie.
Basicaly “return” button isn’t recognized, nor is any other buttons I can think about to launch the menu and finaly set up my Stick on the controler option menu. (Cthuluh MC modded PS3 round 2 stick).
I can’t even update this game to the AE version supposed to solve some keyboard issues cause this only is available if you can at lest quite the startup movie…
I can’t find nowhere this AE patch as a stand alone file to download and install.
I tryed several keyboards, wireless and usb from cheap ones to gamers ones, no dice.

xbox 360 pad don’t work either, I always though it would be just as easy as plug and play but nop, even with some driver I found around.

So, I’m facing a wall maybe you can help ?


[S]Don’t you mean vanilla SFIV? I don’t believe SSFIV (non-AE) was ever released for PC.[/S]

That’s either vanilla SFIV or AE. Super was never released for PC.


You’re right, I always had the twins, well so this mean this supposed hotfix for keyboard isn’t a solution.
I have no idea why this game is screwing up like this on this particular iMac. I installed other games, they all work fine.