Keyboard or Stick?


Hey guys, I’m thinking of picking up 3S and playing on GGPO. I want to know what would be more accurate and precise to play on? A keyboard or a stick? I would need to learn how to play on either one, so which out of these two would be the most accurate and straight-forward after completely learning how to play on it?


I play on both, went from keyboard to stick eventually, back to keyboard (for 3s)

For accuracy I would go for stick, I like playing on keyboard though cause it’s easy to spam/link moves like shoryuken and supers
On stick I would mainly play charge characters because it’s much easier for me.


Stay away from Hugo if you Keyboard. 360 motions are hard to do especially if you have to do 2 rotations.


actually it’s not that bad for me, I can do it, though my success rate on 720 is meager.

360’s I can get pretty often, I’d say about 90 percent of the time.

I have my directional keys as; EDSF, so when I do a 360, I input SDFE, and 360 comes out.

on 720’s though I end up putting the command as; ESDFE, and it comes out, otherwise it’ll be just a regular 360.


Playing Dhalsim on Keyboard would be absolutely impossible.