Keyboard play with xbox or PS?


So I’m bored with the PC community mostly as we are very tiny. Most people are on xbox or PS. So I want to transfer to console for USF4

But no matter how hard I tried I was never able to get used to playing with arcade stick or pad. Keyboard is much more suitable for me.

So I wonder: It seems, when I search on the net, that keyboard play is impossible on consoles. But at EVO2012 I remember a participant, a Rose player, playing with keyboard. So it mustn’t be impossible. Does anyone know how to do it?


this is not a sf4 question

this is a tech question

to tech talk with you


Pretty much you be custom modifying a Keyboard, and wiring it to a game pad.
Or if you are resourceful enough (but much harder) wire up a decoder for a keyboard that wires to a game pad.

But to let you know now there no existing retail products that does this


If your soldering skills are solid, you can try to mod a keyboard, but that’s quite an effort if you ask me, and it’s not going to be cheap since you’ll most likely have to use a decent mechanical keyboard, although you can obviously use a regular kb with 10 micro switches, but that’ll most likely complicate things even further.
here’s how it’ll look like:

And the worst thing about a kb mod is that if you want to go to a tournament, playing with a kb on your laps is just suffering…

Easier solutions:
If you’ve been using space for your up button, then you can just get a hitbox, no modding required. Will cost about $150-200 depending on the version.

With a little bit of effort (solderless “mod”: all you need tool-wise are a screwdriver and a wire stripper) you can get a keybox:

It’ll probably cost around $150-300 though, depending how fancy you go with it and if you have tools/wires already.


Thanks for the help svk

I use asdw for motions. But I can get used to new layout as long as there is no stick. So, yeah, I’ve considered hitbox. It’s impossible to find one in Turkey. And the shipping cost will make it stop at customs, as it is above the customs limit of Turkey.

That keybox actually seems much suitable for me. But the same “not in Turkey” problem remains :confused:

I wish I had a tech nerd friend…


Should be released soon for the ps4/xb1 and if I’m not mistaken it’s backwards compatible - so it’s kind of pointless to buy an xim3 now, just hold out a bit longer. Should run about $100 usd. Intended for FPS, but from what I understand it should work with usb sticks, too.


You could get a microcontroller (for example an arduino) and program it to be a converter.