Keyboard players key mapping

I was wondering what other Keyboard players use for their key mapping. (Just the general thing, might find one better than mine)

For me it’s almost always:
WASD (movement)

Buttons 1-3:

Buttons 3-6:

If I ever have a PPP or KKK set they’re to O(punches) and L(kicks)

Other than that it’s default.

Also for those thinking “Why not use the keypad? It’s easier”. I noticed along time ago in emulators (ZSNES to be exact) that for some reason the keypad misses strokes, or locks up; upon switching to normal letters, the problem went away.

The big flaw with my keyset is that it’s very easy to lose your place on the keyboard, resulting in pressing wrong buttons and leaving yourself open. It’s also slightly harder to combo with the buttons so close, sometimes overshoot buttons.

I use arrows + asd zxc, mame/nebula don’t have a problem with this on my KB, Finalburn is ok but noticeably “lossier”, particularly on fast rolling motions, and Kawaks is absolute butt, rolling motions have to be done too slow to be useful.

It REALLY depends on your KB, they vary so much it’s crazy. I use this same setup on an older Dell model KB, and it locks up/the computer beeps at me when I do diagonal drill claw rebounds (upback + p + k, upforward + p), or if I run over upback - upforward too fast (fly modes, and beat’em ups like TMNT).

I’m using exactly the same setup as you. I’m on a laptop, so I don’t have a keypad, but even with my desktop, I used the same setup.

I setup “T” for talking, and 7, 8 for switching players in 3player mode.

For NeoGeo games, I use WASD along with H J K L for my four buttons.

I’ve used this setup for years for both Capcom and NeoGeo, and I’m really comfortable with it.

The only thing I find difficult to do is kara-throwing with MP or MK (so U or J along with T+H at the same time) but I’ve always had difficultly kara-throwing with the medium attacks anyhow. With HP or HK (I or K) I get those karas 95% of the time, using my ring finger for I or K, index finger for Y, and thumb for H

The mentioned beep can be fixed on the computer’s OS somewhere I believe. Some keyboards can’t read over three buttons pushed at the same time, resulting in the lock and beep.

I used to have the same issue, but apparently the MAMEs I’m using now override the error and let me do it. (though Akuma’s down down down PPP is almost impossible for me to do on command)



3p T
2k G

used to be shifted to the right once but now I nned to press lp+lk to grab and that works the best.

HP keyboard

WASD movement

number pads


123=kicks. but i use my mas stick :smile:

ps - mapping buttons to the extreme is cheating :sad: look at all the mvc players that do those wm infs -_-

heres how i roll

fatal fury(any)
any other snk games(garou, kof, lb,ss)

capcom fighters-


I dont set any macros though
but maybe thats why i always lose.
i go with huio cause my hands are huge and when trying to roll i may accidentally hit 2-3 buttons i didnt need to hit.

anyone know how to do this?

i’ve pretty much stopped throwing in 3rd strike because everytime i try to press LK+LP, my computer beeps. :rofl:

oh yeah: WASD = directions, UIO = punches, JKL = kicks.

used to use the arrow keys for movement and num 456+ for ABCD.

I use the arrow keys for movement and l;’ = lp, mp, hp and ,./ = lk, mk, hk


How the hell do you guys super jump? It’s almost impossible for me to jump from 1p :r: 2p side. For 2p :l: 1p side I press (s - index) then (w - middle) (a - ring) and it works sometimes, but going from 1p :r: 2p side is ridiculously hard for me. That and kara throwing is super lame if it’s Strong or Forward.

Also a question about converters. Seems the Radio Shack converter has problems with Playstation-type controllers. Custom sticks with PS PCBs and my Saturn pad in particular. Like the diagonals aren’t registering at all. Anyone know of another converter that can help?


Dont listen to magnetomaniac, hes paranoid.

I don’t get how some of you guys play in the arcades after playing with messed up control order. I mean…you always move with your left hand and press buttons with your right hand. I mean, i understand how mame’s default key configuration is messed up but thats no reason to change your playing style.

I use arrows and 789 for punches, 456 for kicks and 456+ for 4 button or less games.

For some reason, it does nothing when I press downback/forward and 2 or 3 but I can press downback/forward 489.



F is up

asdf is the only way i can spd or 720, wasd doesn’t work for me.

i have the most fucked up set up but i’m used to it

A, S, D, F - Jab, Strong, Fierce, 3P
Z, X, C, V - Short, Foward, Roundhouse, 3K

and directional arrow keys for the movements.

How’s that fucked up? When I random use KB I use that layout sans the 3P and 3K. Seems fine to me.

whats weird about me is that for keyboard I use my right hand for movement and left for attacks,but as soon as I use a stick its the total opposite I think i may be ambidextrous

Everyone knows I have the best kb map on kaillera.

I’m surprised how spare my set up is.

Mine is:

Buttons 1-3:


Buttons 4-6:


This makes it easy for me, because my direction buttons is the directional buttons. Giving my hands enough space. When I do moves and what not. I just think of it as I’m typing a document, and it becomes easy as shit. Making it why I dont need a 3P and 3K thing. I’ve been practicing KB since NOV.2006, at first it was so HORD, but now its as if its a over sized pad with unused buttons.

SNK games:


my fingers can travel the easiest between those buttons making it just like capcom games. Although I prefer capcom games on KB than SNK.