Keyboard question

I recently swapped my flat keyboard for a wave keyboard and all was working well. Till the moment I turned off my pc. Now it doesnt work whenever I turn it on, The num/caps/scroll lock keys stay on, Any ideas?

Check drivers, make sure they are working. Check Device manager for conflicts.

Swap ports (USB?) If using a usb hub, try plugging directly into computer.

Original flat keyboard still working, correct? (that’s how you’re posting this?)

Check bios for usb 2.0 compatability.

What brand? Do you have another piece of equipment (mouse, joystick, etc) that is the same brand?

Is it Vista?

I mean, Its a plug and play so I dont think its the drivers, Its either the direct keyboard input, Or the input thats usually right next to the mouse. The flat keyboard is still working, Its not usb. Its a PC concepts keyboard, This shit is probably like 13 years old, But it worked so good. I wish it wasnt doing this to me :frowning:

ok, so this is an old keyboard using a ps/2 connector?

I’d still check the drivers and take a peek in the device manager to see if anything kooky is going on. “Plug and Play” on old equipment is more like “plug and pray”

TBH, I’m surprised you have a keyboard that old. I go through a keyboard every 2 years or so.

  1. inspect it for broken pins and other visible damage

  2. Check it in another system.

  3. Swap it with the mouse (the ports are the exact same) port to see if the port isn’t broken.

  4. go into safe-mode and then check Device Manager for “ghost drivers.” Remove them and attempt the install again.

What operating system are you using? I installed Linux on an old system last week and had to flash to BIOS to make it be able to boot with USB keyboard support. You may need to do the same if your system is ancient.

System is xp, This keyboard is old as fuck. But it hasnt been used for more than 2 months, Lol.

I’m confused. Which one doesn’t work? the USB or PS/2 one?

Try shutting down the computer, unplug it from the wall, hold the powerbutton for 5 or 10 seconds, plug it back in, start it back up.

I have an office full of computers that are prone to PS/2 freakouts where the keyboard will stop working until the steps above are done.

I might try that. See the thing with the kb is, It would work if its plugged into the keyboard plug, Where its a circle with pins, But it wont work if you plug it into the other one, The plug thats triangular. Thing is if I plug it into the circle, The num/caps/scroll stays on and it doesnt work. But Yea I’ll try that power thing.

Traingular? I might have to withdraw my suggestion. I don’t think I understand what’s going on any more.

LOL, My bad I meant rectangular. Its like a rectangle but it bends in a bit.