Keyboard stick(?) for PS3

Hello peeps

I am an “09er” who got into SF4 because it came out on PC. Problem is, I learned it exclusively using a keyboard.

I have tried and failed to be consistent with a dualshock 3 / fight stick 3. My moves just don’t come out or they come out far too slowly. I’m much more comfortable with button presses rather than wrist movements, and my right hand is trained for “moving” and left hand for punch/kick.

I bought a PS3 just for SSF4 and it’s very disappointing not being able to play a game when you can’t rely on your actions registering.

Can anyone suggest options for using a keyboard as a controller for PS3? I see XFPS popping up for using keyboard/mouse for FPS games but that’s expensive ($100) and dissatisfying.

I’ve seen a couple WASD/arrow key fighstick mods. Is it easy to remap a joystick’s inputs to buttons?

I guess this will fall on deaf ears but maybe someone has a good idea for me. Thanks!

How long did you try getting used to the arcade stick before you gave up on it? (Also note that the Hori FS3’s parts are considered okay at best.)

By “fightstick mods” I’m assuming you meant “custom builds” ???
For reference, these are FightStick mods:

Joysticks use the same electrical switches as pushbuttons so they are interchangeable. You can use four buttons instead of a joystick if you prefer that.
If you wanted to be an alien you could also build a controller with no buttons and only joysticks.

I’ve seen a picture (can’t find it now) of a custom controller that had actual keyboard keys mounted right onto it. There are at least a few players out there who use such devices.

Unless you have already own all the building tools you’ll need, creating a custom controller will probably cost you about $100 anyway, so the XFPS may not be such a bad choice for you. I would, however, advise you to try and confirm that the keyboard portion does not lag before making such a purchase.

Is this the Keyboard Button you say?

There is also this one, made by Ryu1999.

A real keyboard inside the case.

I confess I did not last very long with the stick. I spent maybe 3-4 hours tops before I risked breaking it as well as my monitor.

Thank you for all the suggestions, this was exactly the kind of helpful response I was looking for.
I am going to look into the SmartJoy + PS2->PS3 adapter first, because it’s probably the easiest way.
Alongside, I’m going to explore modding my FS3 to have WASD, maybe with Sanwa square buttons as shown in the other thread.

In an ideal world I would be able to use this keyboard with the SF4 PC button mapping on the PS3

Oh well!

Well here is a response from another post I made about Keyboard to PS3 from another thread

The XFPS 4.0 Force can be mapped to almost any configuration your heart’s content if memory serves me correct. Hope you can use your current keyboard in SSFIV.

3-4 hour’s is all you spent? Some of of spend months to weeks to years just depends on how adaptive you are

yeah i know i gave up a little premature, but i can generally gauge my aptitude pretty quickly. if i spent a few months with a pad, i could probably get pretty good. but i dont think i could ever have acceptable execution with a stick

thanks again for the ideas. i’ll update once i get enough time to try them out…

Everyone thinks that when they try to use a stick for the first time. Give it a couple months or so.

That’s just a quitters attitude, I thought i could never use a stick being a KB Player for many years but once i figured it out.

Hahaha, my little bro is in the same situation as you. He’s always played on keyboard and finally decided to drop some money down on the XFPS Sniper V3 Plus for the Xbox 360. He hasn’t had any problems yet and is getting comfortable with it. He didn’t test it using the mouse functionality, but both USB and PS/2 keyboard functions work nicely. He hasn’t complained of any lag yet.

Here is the one he got:

There are different ones, so be careful when you’re shopping around.