KeyBoard vs Stick vs Pad

Hey there :woot:

So… me and CammyOwnz were talking about which controler is more suitable for a cammy player…

We both play on the keyboard… (I bought a stick recently but Keyboard is still my main controler)

Everybody keeps telling me… “FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! LEAVE THE KEYBOARD!!!”… but… I mean… for example… on the keyboard your input comes always right… to ultra… “dfdf” + 3 K … done…

And like CammyOwnz said…on the keyboard you can easily make multiples inputs… like Blocking and cannon spike at the same time… hold “b” and while holding it… press “fdf” + K… that’s impossible to do on the stick…nor Pad…

--------- Well… we’re both apprendices compared to some guys who post here…

And we realize lot of people prefer to use Arcade Stick…

Could you guys explain to us, why that? :coffee:


  • I realise that TK Cannon Strike is WAAAAY harder to do on the keyboard than on the stick… but still…if that’s the only disadvantage… Why move on to the stick?

  • Btw…as the title implies… I would appreciate if we use this topic to discuss about the advantages of each kind of controler

personally, i think it’s a personal preference . some may like using a stick or some may like using a pad. really comes down to what you are comfortable with.

me, i’ve been using arcades sticks for all the fighting games i’ve played. i have a easier time doing combo execution, and the button are at the tip of my fingertips. it just feels better to use when playing competitively. if you played marvel vs capcom 2 before, you’ll know why a joystick is required and how it helps greatly when pressing multiple buttons. the game is fast pace, and requires you to do multiple things at once. cammy is kinda like the magneto in this game.:rofl:

she’s a fast pace character and i believe a stick is a MUST in her play. learning TKCS for one reason. but, like i said it’s personal preference, you can be beast with either or.

also, i’ll give you propz if you learn to play cammy on a keyboard, but i’ll just let the keyboard do what it does best typing messages.:bgrin:

Even for those of us that use an arcade stick sometimes do things slightly different between users. Like myself for example can’t stand the square gate kept screwing up execution after 6 months so I switched it out with an octo gate and am doing better though not 100%.

In all use whatever you do best with, though I have to say its hard to tell what you’d be best with till you have given all the options a thorough try.

This. With enough training, you can execute anything on your control scheme of choice. What’s important is that you stick with it and practice, that’s all.

Still, IMO there’s 1 big advantage to stick over other control schemes: Consistency - it’s a multiplatform standard, so if you can play on one Japanese style setup, you can play on them all (including arcades, huzzah!). So for many players, it’s probably just a matter of convenience - you don’t need to be concerned with switching between platforms or generations - the arcade setup remains the same and all your practice/skill will translate across.

Obviously, this is getting to be less of a factor with the majority of tourneys and sessions being held on console… Now you can just get yourself a custom control setup with converters or multi-PCBs and you’ll be fine.

I have both pad/stick and since I been on pad all my life trying to get used to a stick is frustrating…

Don’t see any real advantage at using a stick besides button layouts and every since I sold my 360 controller and decided to buy a cammy fightpad with a 6 button face consistency haven’t been a huge problem for me and I can now pull off TKCS endlessly on pad.

but I would say this tho you can gain muscle memory much more quicker on a stick than on a pad… Still anything achievable on pad just depends on how much time you spend in practice mode.

all i use is pad…i can somehwat play stick, but im much quicker and my execution is top notch on the pad

it just comes down to preference…except whne i have to play on 360 and im stuck using a ps2 pad, thats jsut shit

i totally cant play on pad, beside i cant make SA but just cspikes after like 30mins my fingers suffers too much

on keyboard i know exactly what to press at what timing to get what i want, and can play hours without any suffer

tkcs is best to do on stick or pad though

biggest disadvantage to a keyboard is try brining it to a tournament to play hehe it wont be usable on the consoles

pads and sticks i guess it can go either way on what u like. People say stick is better execution but look at aulord pad cammy placing at battlefield arcadia.

i used to use pad way back in the day and tried a friends stick and the game just felt a lot more fun to me with the stick so i stuck with stick. So i say just play on whatever feels fun to play on the most execution will come faster if u actually enjoy playing on it.

I use a trackball for SF, mainly. (wtf keyboard)

If you’re really into keyboards, you can easily pick up an XFPS dongle, grab a wired 360 controller and presto. Keyboard at tournaments. Sometimes it’s a smart investment depending on how much time you’ve put into playing on a board, but for that price, you can pick up a TE stick and a copy of Super. If you’re going to have to spend the better part of a year getting your execution comparable to what it once was (assuming it’s that good), then it may not be worth buckling down and learning stick.

It works. I can do TKCS, plink and piano on keyboards. Input shortcuts do the rest of the work to the point where the basic input motions are just as trivial as performing them on a stick. My only gripe is that I can’t mash out 360s or 720s ad infinitum on Reversal, and that SJC’s into shenanigans with Viper can be a bit awkward (I’ll admit I don’t practice those, so maybe even that would get easier if I spent time learning Viper).

Sucrilhus, things will be easier a ways down the road if you decide to learn stick. You’ll be able to branch out to the entire cast freely. It’ll take a lot of practice to get your proficiency up to par, but you won’t be shackled down by some of the more obtuse movements like TKCS, which are harder to do on the keyboard. You’ll know when the limits of a keyboard will start to effect you, which shouldn’t be for a while, to be honest. In the end, you’ll have to make the decision whether or not to pick up the stick, but the longer you wait, the more time you’ve missed practicing.

Complete madness.

Man. You don’t even know. :rofl:

SFIV is like the Fisher-Price “My First Haduken” Playset compared to Guilty Gear X2 #Reload on the keyboard.

My hands are like iron from that shit.

hmm tell me that shortcut for tkcs :stuck_out_tongue:

and how about delayed tkcs?i just cant get it

btw isnt supposed to exist a keyboard for xbox?

You’re right… I should stop playing on the keyboard as soon as possible… as a matter of fact, I’m already practicing with the stick, I hope to get used with it in a couple months. Everybody says stick is way faster, since Cammy’s gameplay is based on keep pressure, speed is essential…

Does anyone knows a program that can slowdown the game? So I can develop muscular memory with the stick?

Thanks in advance…

A program to slow down the game? SF4 is already very slow as it is. How about playing it on a low end computer with the settings on max and frame rate on variable?

Any usb computer keyboard can be used with xbox but I don’t know if you can remap the keys in the 360 to work with games. Never tried or had any reason to :stuck_out_tongue:

You can play Cammy on a pad. It builds character, and thumb callouses. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good switching to a pad or stick, though. I would advocate a keyboard if you’re comfortable, but then, no tourney runs keyboards. I think anyone can learn on anything. The human mind and reflexes are built for adaptation. (I expect to be hung for my views in this paragraph. :P)

I remember learning to toss fireballs on my keyboard when I played mugen. Rolling the thumb and middle finger to do that was pretty cool, plus you get that cool typing sound when you do it. Clack-clack-clack “Hadoken!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell I use the analog stick on the 360 controller, it’s like a mini arcade stick with less range of motion, and I execute Bison’s 1 frame cr. lk x3 like nothing, and the throw and focus attacks are just a cm away, and all the ultra buttons are shouldered on it.

The fact of the matter is, with less range of motion, I can do stick inputs faster than if I switch to a stick. I can still use a stick if I’m forced to, my timing just gets thrown off so my preference is this pad.

I could even charge partition and buffer in 3s With urien with this pad, so whatever you get expert level with, is what you should stick with, no matter what anyone says.

There’s no shortcut to abuse for it. I’m sorry. :lol:

You’re going to have to do that shit au natural. QCB, jump two fingers across the keys to quickly tap Up and Forward together, Kick. The jump is an awkward finger motion, but you can get it down with practice. For me personally, it’s second nature on the P1 side. It’s harder for me to do on P2, since my ring finger is pansy weaksauce and I have trouble hitting :qcf: with my middle and ring finger with as much robotic force as my index and middle.

That finger of mine is the only reason I’ve considered switching from board to a stick. Fucker needs to learn to man up. In the mean time, I jump my index and middle fingers over a space to hit the :qcf::ub: motion for P2 TKCS, then jump back immediately for whatever else.

On the bright side, EX TKCS is substantially easier, because you only need to hit QCB then Up. It lacks any awkward keypresses, so this thing is so easy mode it’s silly.

I only use Cammy for friendly casuals as a secondary (See: Not as much as Dan), so I don’t know how to perform a delayed TKCS. I haven’t even heard of it before now. :sweat:

Delayed TKCS is done like the regular TKCS, except you’re not pressing kick immediately. You instead delay pressing kick until Cammy is a bit higher off the ground. This is only possible because of the input leniency of SFIV, where your inputs are stored for a bit (I’m not sure what the frame value is). Someone correct me if I’m wrong.