Keyboards and EVO


Hey just wondering what would be the best entry for a keyboard user in a PS4 Tournament like EVO . (My friend has tried stick and wont be switching to hitbox or controller either so keep it out of the discussion)
If he were to choose between a Brook Sniper (has macro) and a Max Shooter One (no macro if i am not mistaken) which one do you think has a better chance?
What are the rules on Brook Sniper’s in EVO? If i am not mistaken brook converters are allowed, but it is very vague for brook sniper.
And the maxshooter one is a cheap 3rd party alternative, the problem with it is that i am worried about the maxshooter one input delay. A friend of mine has tested the brook sniper on keyboard and said that the brook sniper feels not much different from a normal brook PCB.


I don’t think you’re allowed macros on keyboards, but I could be wrong. I know keyboards are allowed, though. I think three EVOs ago some guy played SF4 with a keyboard and did surprisingly well.

You might need @MrWizard to clarify as he’s usually the final word on this stuff.


Well he dosent need the macro key feature. He just needs to be able to play with a keyboard on a ps4. I was just curious whether a non macro converter has a higher chance than one that has it. Anyway, what would be the best way to get in contact with @MrWizard regarding this matter?


Twitter. Either him or the official EVO Twitter account.


I suggest something with low throw + quick activation. I don’t like with keyboards, but have owned a ton of them.

I finally rested on the Corsair rapid fire (whatever size 65 or 75) with dual 70A o rings. Super light press, quick travel, and no over travel. You can find the o rings on amazon.

MIght want to confirm it works, but the corsairs have tip switches on the front to make the key board work with BIOS and other things if you have issues.

Should be fine.



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I’m also interested in playing with a keyboard, but modding one myself is intimidatingly complicated, and paying someone else to mod the keyboard is even more expensive. So I’m interested in converters too.

@NGY4M did you ever figure out if the Brook Sniper would be allowed? Or does @MrWizard ever read these forums?


Over a week ago, I found @MrWizard (aka @MrWiz) and @EVO on Twitter to ask about the Brook Sniper, and I also tried asking on the EVO Contact Us page, but haven’t gotten an answer. Every keyboard-to-console-gamepad adapter I know of, including the Brook Sniper, can do all kinds of macros and stuff, though, so it seems unlikely to ever be tournament legal. Which is unfortunate, because I can’t think of any other readily available way of playing with a keyboard at all. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe I should be looking at a Hit Box or Mixbox controller instead.


Unfortunately any kind of converters that allow macros are banned from tournament play.

Your best bet is to look into using a hitbox.


What if macros are not set on keyboards? Can that be allowed then? I’ve been playing on a keyboard for 9 years now. Going back to a fight stick makes me look like a beginner