Keystone 2




Nice setup, closest thing I’ve seen to a norcal sit-down (jamma) cabinet arcade. I’m guessing it’s located in San Jose ?


Albert forgot to mention the entry fee for this arcade. Either beer, cigs, and/or pizza will get you VIP entry which includes unlimited free play, unlimited shit talking, and a chance to interact with local celebrities such as skinny crackfiend Anthony. Hands down the best arcade in bay area. :lol:


All of this is absolutely true. :wgrin:


This is something I have to say all too often “stop kissing John’s ass!”


I would come that looks awesome… whats the directions?


I would like to reserve a spot in this infamous dungeon. Oh wait, I think I already have a spot. Its going to be packed up the arse thanks to your uh, advertisement, if you will.


I’ll be at the San Jose Golfland from 6:00 to maybe 6:30 that way I can meet anyone who might want to roll by. No freaks, please!


Ghetto Arcade…

You need the arcade to keep practicing buddy… :wink:


who are all the regulars that show up?

I usually play at SVGL every tuesday n thursday mostly 3S =\

I wanna try n get in on this!


Simply sick sick sick ass arcade! BIG PROPS FOR ALBERT_C!!!


Much obliged-

I will be at the San Jose Golfland on Tuesday 7:00pm if anyone wants to chit chat.


Sounds good…who should i be looking for? :wonder:


The handsome mexican guy beating everyone down at CVS2


Damn Albert is a celebrity. Announcing his guest appearance dates so fans can have a glimpse at the greatness. Can I have your autograph sir? :lovin:


Shit, I better take a shower then.

You have to wait in line just like everyone else. :lol:

Please, Perfect strangers walk-up to me and ask me how YOURE doing.


So, what brand of beer, cigs and pizza do you like?


Those cabinets looks hella fun to play on…I wanna come try it out sometime…And ALbert have I met you before ???



Dude, you need to put some heaters up in that bitch, its hella fun there on those cabs but hella cold at night.


That arcade puts our local arcade to shame… just sad i tell ya…