Join us for an all day event where the best players in Norcal will gather around for some serious fighting game fun.

The main focus will be SSF4 and Tekken tournament along with casuals. CVS2 and 3S will also be available for casuals. If there is enough interest for other games send me a PM and we can arrange it.

The place is SAN JOSE BAR AND GRILL. This place is dope. They got internet, projectors, great drink specials and the atmosphere has a really good vibe. You can find street parking a little ways down and there is a parking lot right next to it. Also, the lightrail runs right in front of it. The management is super cool. It is all ages until 10:00pm. After 10:00pm the kiddies have to go.

Come out and support the event. I promise a fun time!

The Keystone II mission throughout the years has been to develop, maintain, and promote top level fighting. We have grown beyond our capacity to host our sessions in a residential environment so now it’s time to blow this shit up in a commercial setting where we have plenty of space for everyone and can be as loud as we want.

KS2 invites EVERYONE to this special event.

Please note that there will be a 10 Dollar Entrance fee.

Please buy food and drinks from the venue. The venue manager is accepting this event as a trial run. If we bring in enough business for him, this may turn into a regular monthly session.


TIME: 2:00PM - 10:00PM

San Jose Bar and Grill
85 S 2nd St
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 286-2397


SSF4 Singles tournament

$5 to enter. Standard 70/20/10 split for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. This tournament will be capped at 128 players. 3PM start time. Double elim. 2of3 sets. Grand finals 3of5. NOTE: May turn to 1 game sets depending on turnout as there is a hardstop at 10PM**

**CVS2 Round Robin Exhibition featuring Ricky Ortiz, John Choi, Buktooth, Eric “Leezy” Lee, and Combofiend.

Leezy had this to say: "I need to be famous again. =)"
Combofiend: "We don’t wear zippers down here. I’m coming up there balls out."
Buktooth: "My playstyle: wet n’ wild"
Ricky: "Can I fight Filipino Champ first round?"
Choi: “Glowstix and condoms”

From Tekken Zaibatsu!


JIMMY VS BRONSON: 100 Matches against the best in Norcal!

The Participants:
Jimmy and Bronson (The competitors)

and the Gauntlet players:
??? (still to be named)

Format: Each player must run the gauntlet of 9 norcal players, 10 games each, culminating with a head-to-head showdown between the two competitors, for a total of 100 matches! the competitor with the most wins is the victor.

Stakes will be announced soon, but right now, i can say that each player has all the incentive they need to take this seriously.**

Sounds tight… hopefully I don’t get dragged into some camping trip :stuck_out_tongue:

get hype fools!!!

Wooooo, gonna try to make it.



South first has always been a classy place even after they remodeled. I used to go there a lot when I went to SJSU. Do they still serve the flaming dr. pepper there?


sounds amazing :woot:

No PAX this year for me… ;_____;! But if I were planning on going, I’d cancel it for KS2. :slight_smile:

I’m down to play my ScrubRog… I get owned but I still gotta practice. Rom told me when you’re learning SF you gotta take it up the butt 100 times before you can put it in another. Which leads me to believe he’s lived a life of gay.

Also he never really said that.

Nice. Don’t need to bring food anymore! haha

this ks2 making me psycho.:chainsaw::badboy::devil::grrr::3k::3p::smokin:

10 bucks! play pool!

this is dope




Mark this date on your calendars because this is going to be wild. You do NOT want to miss out on this and if you do your a DAMN FOOL!

Yes please.

tell a friend.


This is Darry. I have something to say real quickly.

If you live in the 408 or surrounding areas, you play Street Fighter, and you miss out on this event for a reason other than family function or gainful employment, you are a phony. The thing I hear the most in our scene is people complaining about how there aren’t any big tournaments or events in our area outside of the occasional one-off and NCR. They say they want the opportunity to create a larger community here in the South Bay, less of the fragmented house sessions we have now and something more like SoCal - big events and fun tournaments attended by a large player base from all the surrounding boroughs. I refuse to believe those hicks out in Concord can throw more tournaments and have a healthier scene than we can. I flat out refuse. Here’s the opportunity to have that in our area and leave Concord for the trailer parks. If you care at all about our “scene” beyond bragging about how you belong to it to your friends that don’t know any better, then show up. Better yet, show up and bring those friends.

If we can bring a big crowd for this, we can keep the venue and have events in it semi-regularly. I don’t know about anyone else, but a once a month meet-up for over a hundred heads from the South Bay and surrounding areas, with plenty of set-ups, sounds fucking dope. Step your game up and play some new people for a change. Play the best in NorCal and graduate from Xbox Live.

The whole point is that we can throw these sorts of gatherings all we want, but at the end of the day, they live or die on participation. And that means from YOU. Everyone is welcome; we need you there. Our venue host is a businessman, and he needs to fill his building. We need a sick spot to play, or else I’m going to end up in jail with Albert and 75 people are going to try and fit in Scunsion’s living room. It all depends on people showing up.

Support your community!


my friend SGK is gonna try and make it out