KFC style MvC3 Avatar Request, Jill or Pheonix


I keep seeing red and blue KFC avatars in the MvC3 forums, with different characters and various fried chicken related innuendo. They’re soo cool, I wanted to request one if whoever’s been doing 'em has the time. I dunno how to post one of those images, so hopefully whoever reads this is familiar with the artist and the style.

I’ve been a member for a few years now and I’ve never requested an avatar but I’m so excited for MvC3 (easily as much as I was for the SFIVs) that I wanted to ask and give it a shot.

I was thinking of either a MvC3 Jill one that said “Jill Sandwich” or a Phoenix one that said “Extra Crispy.” Whatever would be more fun for the artist is fine with me, I’ve got some source images for both girls:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out! :woot:


I’d like one of these as well, but in Spiderman flavor. The tagline ‘It’s Webslingin’ Good!’ would be ideal. Thanks in advance for whoever takes this task on.

I’ve been here since '00 under the username Satsujin, but it seems AOL has a habit of eating SRK emails. MvC3 has me chomping at the bit, and I’ve lurked the boards long enough to understand the joke.

Spiderman pic: http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh203/TempleFromTheWithin/Spider-Man.jpg


Kanta-Kun doesn’t want to make any more of these avs. Here’s his signature:

“Don’t PM me about KFC avatars. I don’t want to saturate the forums with those.”


Profound Sadness. Thanks for the heads up on that info.


Truly sorry, didn’t realize who was making the avatars. Glad I didn’t PM him :wgrin:

Thanks for all your help, the avatars were epic before everyone and their mother had 'em, lol.