Khushnood Butt (Hidden Potential Power)

Watch this…


at 0:42 Butt pulls off his hidden potential, and it’s different that what I’m used to seeing… now I’ve combo-ed into it before in a similar way (hitting a guy in the air, even while I’ve been in T.O.P.), and it never hits that quick, nor ends with a downward thrusting kick. What gives? How exactly is that move done? I know there are levels to the move (based on # of times C is pressed), but for the life of me I can’t recreate it. Does it specifically have to be combo-ed off his T.O.P. attack? and if so, how do you do that, cause I’ve tried, and I’ve failed consistently.

e-mail the guy who did the vid, I am sure he will tell you

that’s the final version, just hit C really fucking fast, it’s easy, I can do it all the time.

^What he said, you need to tap :snkc: at least 10 times to get, but the chances of doing that without a rapid-fire controller/option is slim.

way to fail. twice.

am I missing something here? I don’t get your reply.

To everyone else:

I assume I need to hit C 10 times before the first hit of the combo, correct?

mash harder. Like Marvel.

I can do it about 75% of the time, you just have to be quick.

yes, you have to hit c 10 times during his charge up phase, where he’s making the pose.

that was an awesome video!

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