KI and sticking with online multiplayer


So I don’t know how active KI people are on this forum, this being literally my second post. But I’m sort of getting back into KI (and gaming more in general, especially fighting games). And I’m finding obviously that online there’s a huge skill gap between myself and the people I’m playing against (I’m on Xbox One), to the point where I’ll only land one combo and just be absolutely slaughtered. I understand of course that there’s a major skill gap there, so I was wondering if any other beginners or former beginners had any advice or stories about generally sticking with the online in KI and getting better at it.
I just feel like this might be a good topic to have for people like myself trying to stay motivated while losing a lot online


While I’m not a beginner, I feel the best way to go about this is by continue playing the game and learning from your past mistakes. Don’t take your losses too harshly, as you can use that to learn your opponent’s patterns and even gain some character match-up knowledge along the way as well.

If this makes you feel any better, I’ve been playing KI for nearly four years now and I still get blown up by players that mash without thinking. Oh, and I have a very, very bad habit on guess breaking a lot as well… :blush: