KI combo Assist doing random supers?


Hi, I just started playing KI (The newest one) and I have combo assist on currently cause it’s a new game to me and I wanna learn the basic machanics before I commit 100%, and to see what the combos of this game are like.

I’m really liking the game so far, but I can’t seem to control what moves my character (Fulgore) does once the combo gauge appears. Maybe I’m getting a little mash happy, but sometimes I swear the game just does random supers for me.

Can someone let me know to what extend combo assist… well, assists?
I’m under the impression that I just hit Heavy Punch instead of Forward Heavy Punch, but if it’s like BlazBlue’s Stylish I wanna drop it right away, cause it’ll just mess me up.


You do want to drop it right away. Play with assists off and learn actual combos. Sure you may find yourself button mashing still, but with assist off you won’t get as much from it, which in turn will force you to learn what you’re doing…


Yeah, I went ahead and turned it off like a day after making this post. It plays a lot more like I want it to now. It really was a Stylish mode and not just assist.