KI coming to Windows 10 w/XB1 Crossplay. Season 3 starts March 2016


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I demand so many fucking apologies. Called this ages ago.

@zainetor come apologize you insignificant nothing


Great, so now people can actually play this game.




This will sure help the KI community grow in numbers ,


All I have wanted since this came out, was for the ability to play people who wanted to play this game but didn’t want to commit on an XB1. And now I can.

I don’t want any excuses from some of the lazy GD trash. Get this game. Enjoy this game. Get bodied by me in this game!!!


If windows 10 is anything like 8, I’m not sure I want to infect my PC with it just to play KI.


Can’t wait to Stomp dudes with Thunder.


Reviews of Win 10 have been overwhelmingly positive. Plus it’s a free upgrade.


I hear you man, I wasn’t planning on doing jack shit with 10. But for me KI is a lifelong big deal so their strat wins, I’m gonna have to put that stuff on my sacred, holy grail, rock solid Win 7 rig. so nervous…


About damn time, really.


I cannot wait til this happens. I just curious about stick support outside of native support for 360 & XB1 sticks. Currently my PS4/PS3 TE2 works for other fighting games on PC, so I wonder if I’ll be able to use it for KI


I was planning to get an Xbox One only for this game, but after I heard this great news, I’m glad; I don’t need an Xbox One, I’ll just get myself a gaming PC.
If Killer Instinct 1 and 2 will also be released on PC, I’ll be happy.

I’m about to jump into PC gaming, which gaming PC can perform as good as (or better than) PS4 and XB1 with an affordable price?


hey,if my qanba sticks works with it then im way i was gonna buy a one for it.but this is acceptable


This looks promising. I didn’t want to commit one getting the xbox one for one game anyways.


Yep, once the specs are out, I can more or less confirm I’ll be playing.


Street fighter 5
tekken 7
mortal kombat x

Killer instinct needs as many platforms as possible. This was inevitable, predictable and basically a dead end if not ported to windows or playstation.
I’m starting to think street fighter 5 is the only reason this happened tbh.


People have been pushing for a PC port for a long time. The main reason is because PC is the only other platform KI had a chance of hitting as the IP is owned by Microsoft. Which means there’s zero chance for it to ever hit Sony or Nintendo so the next best thing is to make sure it’s at least accessible to anyone who has a decent PC which is way more people than who own Xbones.

As owning the IP, PC is the only other platform this game will get on. It’s like Nintendo and Smash or Sony and Uncharted. It’s not going to anything that they can’t give the rights to so this is the best that can be done to make it accessible to a much wider audience.


I’m glad it’s getting a PC release. Looks really fun.


KI 1 and 2 should come along too, as they’re included with the Ultra versions of each season, and they’ve stated any DLC will carry over.

Any fight sticks that work with PC, should work with KI on PC, so I don’t see any issues.


I am so amazingly hype about this. It was hinted at so long ago