KI coming to Windows 10 w/XB1 Crossplay. Season 3 starts March 2016


Also can report my logitech pc usb controller doesn’t work with this. It’s funny that 640x360 is a actual choice for resolution too. Guess I’ll have to use joy2key for now till I get a stick.

Edit: Joy2key fixed the controller problem perfect. Just to let people know.


I found the Nvidia fix for those who had same issue as me in TOO FUCKING FAST.

Download and run this shit:

Run NvidiaProfileInspector file, look for dropdown list of too many games (or just search) Killer Instinct, look for a line that says Frame Rate Limiter and if you see the words/option that says ‘off’ click it and change it to 60.
Now we gookin. I mean cookin.
…fucking fat fingers.


I only have the one XBL account and its the account I used for my credentials in Windows 8/10.


For anyone looking to get a non-360 controller working for Killer Instinct, you can use XOutput. There’s a tutorial here:

Should probably work with Street Fighter V as well.


I don’t know what to tell you, i’m not familiar with xbox one but just make sure you have same account contact support and log into your xbox one, those are common things ive heard


I went ahead and downloaded Killer Instinct yesterday.
My computer is a beast and it runs disgustingly beautiful.
When I need a break from SFV, I’ll give KI a go.
Right now the free character I have is Saberwolf, which is great for me because he’s always been my favorite.
But will the rotate a new free character next month or is it always wolfy?


its up to the devs but week-2week


I’m not able to download it. It says I need to check for the latest upgrades and I did that but it’s still not working. Anybody else have this issue?


I was able to fix the issue by following some of the directions here.


Just as an alternative solution to anyone reading and still having trouble binding keys with their non-360 stick… you can navigate menus just fine in KI using Joy2Key and multiple key binds. Just as an example, this config works very well for KI using a Hori VLX (it may also work well for other 8 button fight sticks but unsure).

Close Joy2Key and create a cfg file with the following (this is a Hori VLX config):


Just to confirm how to unlocks work? Like Classic Orchid, Jago, etc. I got Season 1 & 2 and trying to figure it out. I’ve googled around with not much luck.


Ah, right. Yea I live in Germany. Now I know why it’s not there. That’s too bad.


What’s with all the tea-baggers? The community seems very childish.


It’s Xbox…


Welcome to Killer Instinct. Enjoy the refreshing taste of balls in your mouth.


This game is so much fun but the way people play this online makes me want to vomit…

Yolo breaks on frame 1 and vortexing until the end of days.
Riptor, Rash and Shago players make me particularly sick since all they do is vortex and yolo until the match is over.

Earlier today I hit a guy with a normal poke and instantly pressed counter-break just to see if it would actually work… and it did…

I really wish you could only get 1 break during a combo (not including resets ofc).
Then at least they’d have to try to break on reaction or eat a full 50% combo


Have they ever fixed the connection issues with online play? I could never get matches at all.


After playing nearly 20k matches online, I can say that a lot of the players there aren’t exactly worth the time. You’re better off playing with someone on your friend list, or just attend a local scene that supports KI instead (if you have a scene, that is).

And it’s possible to get a one chance break combo, just don’t extend that combo to the point that your opponent can attempt a second Combo Breaker.

@“Missing Person” I’m assuming that you couldn’t find matches in Lobby mode, right? Yeah, I’m on the XB1 version and I can say that it is very difficult on getting players to join my lobby, but have no trouble joining other’s.


No, I mean Win10 was having errors with matchmaking at all.


Oh. When was the last time you’ve played? There has been some general fixes here and there, though I’m not certain if it pertained to the PC version.