KI Fatals, UMK3 Fatals

Vids are up if anyone wants to check them out.


Not a bad looking site. You’re hooked up with Templarz?

I’ll look through your shit later. Pretty good shit.

Nice site, and big ups for TFTM music on the KI vid.

nice site. that was a great umk3 vid. some of those fatalities are so lame, especially the animalities. :rofl: the friendships are funny tho. man… it’s been like 10 years since i’ve played that game.

KI tourney was yucky! =(

You showed Cinder’s twice. Good stuff though. :clap:

Nice vids.

Since when are there fighting game players in waco!? lol

If thats your site… go to southwest matchmaking and discussion and let it be known.

Nice vids. The KI one is missing the one where Glacius truns the opponent into a popsicle :frown:

Wow, excellent videos.
Sorry to ask, but in the NKI SSF2T videos, someone is using a Gouki that has a superbar. Exactly what game is this from?

Dreamcast version of SSF2X if I remember right. Has 3 versions of Gouki.

you are correct dc did have 3 versions of gouki
shin gouki
and tien gouki

great site… looks killer man. thanks for hosting my vidz :slight_smile: I’ll look through the forums when I get a chance… nice job!

nice site. like the layout.

ki mercy vid was lacking tho. did cinders twice, and left out glacs freeze mercy which was already mentioned. plus not all mercies look the same on everyone, particularly orchids flash, and thunders launcher mercy. those should have been shown on every opponent. some of the stabbing mercies look hella better on some characters too. some characters bleed more than others, especially thunder. plus i think having the game sounds would be better since some can be rather funny, which is nice for the viewers that dont know ki well.

i watched the ki matches as well, not trying to sound like an ass, but they were not good at all. unless you guys play on crappy kaillera then i can understand. im an old skool hardcore ki player so im very constructive on the critisism when it comes to that game =)

i do like the site tho, keep it up!!

Like the site. Good work

Thanks for all the comments and critisisms guys, I really do appreciate it. The site will be improving as soon as I get more free time.

I know I did cinder twice and missed glacius’s third fatal…I just wanted to get it up there…I will redo it soon and add the humiliations as well.

Also, the match videos were recorded on my first encoding machine so they were lacking quite a bit…the next ones will look much better :P.

If anyone has videos they need hosted, let me know, I want to get videos out there for people to watch.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, and get in my forums if possible…they are barren and I want to get them busy.

This. Site. RULES.

Within the next month or so, you will get a vid from me.

Thanks! I will be on the lookout.

Ah shit! A fellow Central Texan!! Go Roos!! (Yeah that’s right, I’m from Killeen, K-town)

You may have to make a trip down tomorrow evening and game then :stuck_out_tongue: I got the mugs chilled and the beer ready :stuck_out_tongue: