KI Sparring Thread - Leave your tags here


Im thinking since Xbox one dosn’t let you check people you met on line for rematches, that we start up a list where we can meet up, send out challenges or sparing/training sessions on xbox live.

Enjoy the current SRK KI XBL tag list! - Diek Stiekem

SRK Member / XBL Tag/ Main Character(s)

AVC/ AVC Skeme /
Dr Grey / GrayeDevil /
DevilJin 01/ TheoryJin / Glacius
onyx/ Onyx 0f Tek / Glacius
Diek Stiekem/ DiekStiekemSRK / Shadow Jago
T00lMAN TAYL0R/ T00lman211 /
Rik/ Super troll SRK /
MonkeyFromZoo/ Monkeyfromzoo /
purbeast/ purbeast / Glacius
Defect Mechanism/ DefectMechanism /
CoMBo187 / CoMBo187 / Sabrewulf
Mr_TeXican830 / Mr TeXican830 / Sadira
RoDcHaN / rodchan / Orchid
DMan / DMan Since Beta / Jago, Thunder

Sigh… Why can’t SRK just use Tabs properly? :rolleyes:

Looking for Fellow Thunder Players

GT AVC Skeme add me for some games


GT: GrayeDevil


Gamertag is in my sig.


onyx0ftek - the second 0 is numerical


Gamertag is in my sig


GT : T00LMAN211


Super troll SRK.


Gamer tag = Monkeyfromzoo
I main as thunder atm but im pretty versatile. Im working my way through the achivements for orchid sadira and Jago next so ill soon be playing with them.

Won’t be on much in next few days waiting till I have my stick sorted. Sick of the pad.


My tag is purbeast on XBL. Feel free to add me but please send me a message just so I know it’s from SRK, and now with the stupid FR on X1, you don’t even know when someone adds you so a message helps with that too.

I’m a mediocore Glacius player looking to step my game up. I really haven’t played any good Sadira’s and I’d like to. Every time I run into one in ranked I get owned. Same with Orchid.


GT is in my signature. I am not too great at this game at all. its my first that Ive played more serious than any other game, so i’m still learning a ton(read: free as heck) main is Sabrewulf


Could everyone please add their main character(s) to their posts?
I’ll mod edit the 1st so we can have a list of XBL tags + main characters, handy for when you want to practice a specific matchup.

Maybe I’ll sort them later on skill level as well


gamertag = CoMBo187 main Sabrewulf


Gamertag: Mr TeXican830
Main: Sadira


GT: rodchan

Main: Orchid


GT: DMan Since Beta

Main: started with Jago, moving to Thunder


Updated 1st post


your tag isn’t valid anyway add me o 2 RawWw o



Main: Thunder


Gt: Princemurphy