KI Sparring Thread - Leave your tags here


Just picked the game up recently. Been in the dojo and the story mode mainly. Trying to get the combo system down. Learning Jago at the moment but will probably attempt to learn Hisako when she’s available

GT: RickyOrtizPurse


GT: Eijiken

Aganos, Sadira, Omen, pocket Kan-Ra player.

Ordered from best to meh (Sadira is my best when I’m using pad)


I got the game three weeks ago and working on TJ Combo. My username is LkChubrock


Hey there. Heavygee (knigrowedamus)
Add me for some games. I play the wolf


GT: Fatty Winnarz
I live in CT so east coast, preferably New England/New York would be best, but I’ll play whoever. I’m trying to main Thunder currently.


GT: RndmDP Rome , Europe - Orchid, Hisako, Glacius, … maybe Cinder soon






I play TJ and Cinder as well as a shitty Orchid and and even shittier Jago.


If anybody wants to add me for some KI action here’s my XBL Tag: Vader Fett 1
Just lemme know you’re from the SRK forums when you add me.


My tag is eastyy …over in ireland here so not sure how good the net code is over a distance


Is OP even active anymore? Nigga still hasn’t added my tag to the list on the first page.


GT: JINXHAND. I’m in San Diego. Kan-Ra main, but I dabble with Omen and Glacius.


Chief Rekka. Thunder main, not very good, but looking to get better. NYC.


jrrronimo on XBL (3 r’s, not 2 like everywhere else. Long story.) I’m in Longmont, Colorado, USA.

I main Orchid (at least until Kim Wu comes out), with the occasional Jago. One day I’ll learn a different character! One day…

I played more KI2 than is likely healthy, and bought my XBO for Killer Instinct specifically. :smiley: It’s different, but in a good way. Hope to play some of you!


WatCnBrwnDo4U - Orchid


Gamertag: DecoyBull

  • Xbox One GT: Eirokaj

  • Location: United States

  • Main: Sadira

Looking for fellow KI players to play with. Please, please save me from having to fight randoms. Lol!


If anyone’s interested and in the NYC area I’m starting a Facebook group to Meetup for some local KI sparring. More info coming soon!


Hello all. Just started playing a few weeks ago. My main is Rash but I and trying to learn Maya and Sadira.

Please feel free to add me my gamertag is Usedtobezylem. Please message me that you are from these forums. Since Xbox does not send out notices to the person being added. I am always interested in meeting new people and trying to help each other out.


Does anyone from here play?