KI te2 fight stick triggers


Hi guys-

I purchased the xbox one te2 on release and was pretty bummed out to hear no pc support. I waited in anticipation for the official Microsoft drivers to drop so i could be ready for USF4 pc launch; unfortunately it appears the triggers do not work. I have done a bit of searching but come up mostly empty handed on new info regarding a fix. Has anyone heard of a possible fix in the works or potential mod/program that will activate those triggers? Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.


Dual-mod with a PCB that is PC compatible.


Or just learn to use only 6 buttons for fighting games. Last I checked, no fighting game ever needed more than 6.


That’s never going to happen as long as Hori and MadCatz keep making premium dick sticks.


That why most of us mod our sticks.


Seriously though. Unless you’re using them for something other than arcade/fighting games, there is no need for the last 2 buttons on any stick. Just learning not to use them (for macros, etc.) will save you the trouble (and cost) of having to mod a stick for them on PC.



I wouldn’t mind playing with 6 buttons but the rt button is used in a traditional 6 button layout as sweep and the lt button nowadays as 3K.

Anyway, i did some testing with the xbox one controller and seems like the trigger buttons are used for the z-axis and the button 9 and 10, also the buttons commonly used for sweep and 3k are triggered by pressing on one of the sticks.

So i am just missing the sweep button.

Dunno how i should fix that.


Just swap RT with LB and remap the 3rd kick to LB.


Hey guys, I did try and change the buttons but for some reason those copper pins do not want to come out. I feel as tho I’ll break them if I try any harder so despite the supposed ease of modding the te2 boasts I’m having difficulties. I am also only missing the sweep button and as others have said I do not use the last 2 buttons unfortunately sweep is the 3rd button on the bottom. Thanks for any additional comments.


Look closely at the quick disconnects. There should be lil tabs that you can press into which will make it easier to take them off.


Thanks I’ll give that a try when I get home and let you know if that does the trick. Itching to play street fighter lol.