KI2 vs KI Gold

I dont understand the hate for the n64 version of Killer Instinct 2 (KI Gold), its basically the same as its Arcade version, only without the FMV’s (not like they add much to gameplay anywa) or the air Ultra’ Combos (which I frankly dont give a crap about) or some of the changed stages. I can look past the graphics because obviously arcade version will always have superior graphic ability anyway (not that i care about that either). So what makes arcade KI2 so much better than KI Gold? Please explain!

killer instinct is god. im gonna go watch some youtube vids now

Better/more animation, better play control, FMV.

I still like KI Gold, I would love to play people online in it too. KI 2 that is :lol:

I was talking gameplay wise. The FMV doesn’t add much to actual gameplay.

No versus threads. :lol:

I don’t know if the actual gameplay was arcade perfect between the two. It might’ve been, but if it’s not a good port gameplay-wise, that’s enough of an answer right there. Wikipedia addresses the major differences between the two versions fairly well (link), but they never never bother addressing subtleties like minute gameplay differences that would matter to us.

KI2 itself was not as popular as the original (KI) anyway. I’m sure it did well at first, but any success it might’ve seen dropped off relatively fast; once people started to figure the game out, supposedly it was dumber and less fun. A new KI thread goes up about once a year where somebody complains about this at great lengths and in great detail (funny example here). The decline of arcades in general was starting to slip at this point as well.

The demographic for the average N64 owner (as compared to the other consoles at that time) wasn’t particularly rich with fighting game fans, because it had the smallest roster of interesting titles. Also, I might be talking through my ass here but I don’t think there was ever a good arcade stick released for the N64, and I think I remember hearing that N64 controllers are a huge pain in the ass to padhack so making a custom stick for the console was difficult. I know a lot of dudes have said the N64 pad is surprisingly awesome to play on though, haha.

By the way, you are a cool dude in my book for not asking about KI3. :tup:

better control? I’ve never had any control problems with KI Gold.Everything works just fine.

haha, yeah I could have asked about KI3 though. But since i dont really like the fact that Rare moved to Microsoft I wont ask about it as much as others will. thanks for telling me that stuff about KI2 vs KI Gold. Now i see.

Arcade joystick setup vs N64 controller?

Hahah whoops who the hell taught me how to write

you’re essentially right though. The only thing keeping arcades alive are MvC2, SF3 3rd Strike, SF4, TvC.

I mean i never had a problem doing moves in the n64 version

Please. I know this is a fighting game forum, but let’s face it… dance games and redemption are the only things keeping arcades even sort of alive at this point. Hell, we don’t even have an arcade in this town anymore.

thats a little different here in Southern Cali, NO ONE touches the dance arcades here anymore. They have the game at home.

Why all the KI talk lately? Is there gonna be some truth to that rumor?

ki2 arcade version is fun to play on MAME, but i find my self playing tons more of KI1 :wgrin:

anyways I always liked killer instinct games.

I was just curious as to why people preferred KI2 over KI Gold even though both are essentially the same game with the exception of the “control issue”, the FMV’s and unnecessary Air Ultra glitch.

That’s cool, it’s all good man. I was just hoping you knew something I didn’t. Basically the reason that people prefer KI 2 over KI Gold is for what you said. Additionally, I have heard that the game is missing some combos and animations. It doesn’t have all the frames per character that the arcade version has. there were some more issues but I forgot. You’ll have to check the KI Arena Fan website. But I don’t care. I have both, and love both.

I only have N64 version. My computer is too tarded to run KI2 on any ROM.

its a sign. ki3 coming soon. i will drop all games to play that. ki is god. manly ass announcers. shits real