Kick-Ass 2: *insert witty subtitle here*


Considering the new SRK Search Engine is annoying I couldn’t find the old K-A topic if there is one.

Youtube links I’ve seen are getting taken down so no embeds, sorry. Have to live with the above for now, at least until someone makes/finds a Youtube link that stays up for more than 5 minutes.



was just about to post this, i couldn’t be more hype for another kick-ass movie!


Jim Carrey’s impressions and character acting never ceases to amaze me, it took me 3/4’s of the way through to realize it was him.


Honestly caught me off guard too.


I wonder if they will combine KA2 with the hit girl comic in this.


Well from what I read previously I assume so somewhat. They were holding off for the Hit Girl comic to be finished. Not 100% sure though, especially since I haven’t read the comics.


Jim Carrey tends to have a very distinct look in whatever he does, and especially a distinct voice. He has neither in this movie. Honestly if I didn’t know Jim Carrey was in the movie I wouldn’t have noticed at all that it was him.


nice. cant wait. needs more nic cage though.


any black people in this that arent random thugs on the street or badguys?


btw is that the same kid from part 1 or did they re-cast her?


da fuq? i just asked if they recasted her…i literally didnt imply anything else. you are clearly the dirty one.



Yes, it’s still Chloe Moretz.


And she still looks way too old to play hit girl.

They should have cast a midget or something.


One thing to note is the fact that Dave seems to have upped his level of badass and not just through fighting.

Before he pissed his pants at just about everything.

Dude is being restrained and held at knife point in a moving van and he’s just sitting there stonefaced.


Well Hit girl basically has him gang raped on a daily basis so that kind of shit isn’t anything to him.

I feel bad at the fact that I want to see how thick Chloe Moretz legs are gonna be in this. Fuck I am turning into you guys.


This topic won’t be complete without him or Million.


Looks tight as hell

Violence and jim carrey being awesome

Teenager in spandex pants…expect butt shots aplenty…

Um yeah not that i am excited


Also, anyone want to fill in the witty subtitle space? I didn’t bother.


Jim Carrey. Fuck yes.


I instantly recognized Carrey, fuck is wrong with ya’ll? lol.

Yisss, this movie is getting watched indeed.