Kick-Ass movie: Leaked footage from comic-con

Watch before it gets taken down. Exceeding my (low) expectations, now I’m hyped!

Yeah. The Hit Girl stuff is awesome.

and they used the Banana Splits theme. Heh.

I always had the feeling he made the comic as a means to promote the idea as a movie, something he said he wanted to do when Kick-Ass first came on the scene.

I guess my suspicions are right, well, as right as I believe it to be. Damn conspiracies…

Looks alright, I know he wants to go for the cheesy-ish get-up’s they have in the comics but it doesn’t look all that great in real life, the chick with the purple wig just looks like a cosplayer at any ole anime convention, except more attractive. I’d still see it though, sure to have some good violence, just better not be a let down like the Spirit.

That’s the point. It’s supposed to look cheesy. Like real life people just threw these costumes together.

it looks like a load of fun. Kinda like Italian Spiderman meets Quentin Tarantino.

oh, and Hit Girl is supposed to be 8 years old. The actress playing her was born in 1997.

Yes I know it’s the point, but it still looks odd, and aesthetically I don’t like the look. Then again I just care about the action, so as long as he breaks a face it’ll be good. Plus it has Nic Cage, meaning we got a 50/50 chance of him not half-assing the role.

So what she is 12, what the fuck? I don’t understand kids these days…

The fact that they removed the ‘‘how do you like them apples’’ line makes me wonder what els they ditched.

I wouldn’t worry about lines being ditched being an indication that we’re missing out on the action.

everything else seems to be a perfect transition from page to screen.

[media=youtube]V17-DRQuIzY"[/media]. That little girl is bad-ass.

hell yeah.

plenty in the trailer we haven’t even seen in the COMIC yet.

Is it true that the comic isn’t published a lot is becuase they don’t want to spoil the movie?
EDIT: Just watched the trailer; nice stuff, but will the purple haired lady get most of the screen time?

Hit Girl is a major character, and a fan favorite, because she’s a ten year old girl who likes to kill shit.

can’t go wrong.

That trailer looked cool.

huge fan, and i approve.

is there a release date yet?

anyone got a different link to the youtube video?

i havent been able to find a clear version of the preview. but the stuff i saw looked hot

I’m pretty excited about it.

Hmm not really liking what I’m seeing in that movie. Looks like a kid’s movie imo.