Kick-Ass Movie Trailer



Am I the only one that thought of the girl from LazyTown with a gun?


The comics are completely awesome, you should check them out if you have a chance.

The movie looks almost exactly like them.


There are comics? Really? Geeze, I’m soo failing at being a nerd…


watching it in 720 is no problem, i get lag and shit watching it in 1080. could b fun.


Huh~ this should generate an amusing media backlash.

Looks cool too


I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that this has a movie when the comic is all of fucking 8 issues deep. Also if it wasn’t for Hit-Girl this comic would be one huge snuff film featuring its namesake protaganist. When is that guy gonna turn into a badass like hit girl. I would be happy if he was atleast as bad as the main character from Holy Land lol.


Thats what I was thinking also. You can hear the media outrage about Hit Girl being a bad role model for young girls because She runs around shooting people up. I’m sure they’ll try to tie it into an escalation of crime stat. With that said I can’t wait to see this.


The movie is very obviously rated R… Anyone that is bringing their young kids to see it are just asking for problems lol…


Watching this trailer… I could think about nothing but how many 42 year old pedophiles are going to see this movie.


Ooooooh that never stops anything dude.


Well the problem arises in the actress being young too, parent-cookie-monster-can’t-eat-cookies-anymore-groups are going to create a furor on that alone. And the news is going to be the first to make an uproar before any parents even know about it.

Which is exactly what the movie execs are hoping for… MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!:badboy::devil:


you know, back when parents actually thought their kids something it was ok to watch adult movies as long as it wasnt porn. these new parents annoy the fuck outta me, how can you have an 8 year old son and not allow him to watch dbz? back in my days we watched everything (from 5 onwards), from horror (f13, exorcist, freddy), to action flicks (predator, aliens, rambo) to crime movies (gf1&2, scarface, good fellas). kids got it bad nowadays not being able to watch shit, no wonder they hooked on internet(&porn).


agreed, but at the same time I kinda wish I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies as a kid… Cause its pretty much made me immune to anything slightly horrific… That and the fact that any type of horror movie that comes out just plain sucks… Still, I agree that back when parents let their kids watch anything… Now their soo afraid something bad will happen to their kids that they just let them rot in boredom…


While it’s rated R, they do have a 12 year old saying “fuck” and “cunt” all over the place.


the comics are decent, but this movie looks like it will suck ballz. stupid idea to have a little girl acting like that on tv lol.


Thats not a tv commercial… Its an internet exclusive, tho I wonder where they got it in 1080HD cause the site for Kick-Ass still only has it in SD…


Kick-ass little girl. I’ll see it just for lols. I don’t expect it to have a compelling story though.


This Move will have kids packed in just as much as every other rated R movie.


I showed the trailer to my girl nd she was already complaining about the fact that the little work was cussing at that age. She’s not gonna see the movie because of that alone but she doesn’t seem to have any problem with her putting bullet into people’s heads which I find odd as hell. I attempted to defend it saying that ‘It’s just a movie and she’s playing a character.’ The negative press this movie is gonna get from soccer mom’s is gonna be fucking retarded.


I’ve heard kids saying worse and far younger working at GS.


Means the movie will make a killing at the box office…