Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread

we dont really have a general discussion thread…all the other boards do…i think we should have one to try and keep our boards organized, things always seem to go wayyyy off course in other threads, such as the current one "Ready to give up "

lets just keep all Guy related general discussion here. if you guys like it, lets ask for it to be stickied, if not, lock this ish up.

c.lp, c.hp is a great counter-hit setup!

that is all.

^^^ uses this way too much.

c.lp x2 into the bushin combo has had some pleasant results for me in some matches…I still choke on the setup sometimes though…have yet to nail it down 100% .

If the person is mashing crouch tech or jab during hit stin will the c.hp win out?

Its suppose to done when they are blocking…

If you were hitting then you would bushin chain or TC them.

This works on everyone cept maybe rog and against mash DP or SPD or whatever Thats where you add more LP so you can hit CR HP on the farthest distance you wont be able to do anything after it but it does good damage and adds on pressure

Fought a pretty good Gief earlier, I found that the worked pretty well against his lariat (Used to use an evasion tactic against it). Is this a just tactic? …I punished the Gief pretty good a few times for using it, guess he was counting on those invincibility frame(s) to go through.

[media=youtube]s2q5u_3FxIY[/media] Since this is a nice gathering of you Guys (pun intended), please beat this damage!

While thats all fine and dandy it’s all impractical in an actual match, where Guy’s real issues are.

Do people have setups for hitting c.HK from max distance, so it’s safe? Maybe a block string that puts them at the appropriate distance?

it’s for one of maj’s challenges, we need 700.

is anyone else annoyed about how incredibly unsafe cr. rh is unless it’s from EXACTLY max distance? if it’s anything closer than max distance… it gets cr. jabbed for free. also… this is just me being nitpicky… but i miss the animation from his cr. rh from the alphas. it looked so badass. why they changed it to what it is now… i have no clue.

haha i got it from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else turn off taunts when you play Guy?

I remember getting taunt by accident alot when performing the last part of the bushin chain(HP,HK) on day one and have turned it off ever since.

Yea the same shit happened to me… I never have taunt on now

That’s never happened to me then again i dont plink it.

I don’t plink either(I think)but HP and HK are the danger zones for an accidental taunt,I’d rather just eliminate the possibility of accidentally doing one all together.

i didnt think it was possible to get taunt by pressing hp and then hk.

[media=youtube]B78S8UvIljQ#t=0m53s]YouTube - [SFZ2 match[/media]

Man,I wished they kept this combo from Alpha 2.It looks so cool juggling after a bushin flip in the corner.That combo would have definitely helped out Guys, already good, damage and stun game.

Well, I beat the hell out of a 14000bp Guy player today in ranked with Guy… Got a perfect…

yeah, this, and beating the no 1 ranked ryu in NA, and beating the no 1 ranked guile in the world (XBL) are why i FIRMLY believe that BP means nothing. ive beaten Zerge 3 out of the 4 times ive played him. hes not that great really…by the same token, PP means more than BP, but still not a whole lot. Offline is what really matters