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I know. That surprised me too. Is he salty?


DWU - any setups/vortexs or safe jumps you guys have found this useful. The first couple of matches I played I was lost on Red Focus and DWU so I stayed away from using them until I was more comfortable with knowing when it’s useful. Red Focus I can at least pop for stun, haven’t come across a match up where I need to spend two bars to absorb hits. But with DWU - even when my opponent uses it to avoid my safe jump it still doesn’t mess me up as I just wait when I hit the floor and make my mix up or meaty set up. Which made me question when is good time for DWU.

Many instance when I might want to DWU I realise it’s actually a soft KD that I’m being floored with.


Red focus is only good on defense use for reads like cancels into rekkas, hands, legs etc. DWU is really just good to avoid the set play, it makes people more honest. I have a few setups but I gotta test against the entire cast cause of the slow and faster wakeups of certain characters.


Anyone know the wakeup timings of the new characters? I think Decapre’s is the same as Cammy’s because I’ve tried a neutral jump OS a couple of times and been thrown as I land. I’m pretty sure Poison’s is normal. Any idea on Rolento, Hugo and Elena?


All Normal but Decapre


I wonder if there will be any use for safejumps in the future, everytime my opponent doesn’t use dwu I feel like I’m getting away with murder.


Against Viper always safejump and OS with Cr.MK she has to hold that on wakeup even if she DWU, nothing will punish you. HP Knuckle whiffs, Burn kick you’ll block in time and if you the reaction you can probably throw out another or mk tatsu (didn’t test this sadly), and you’ll block EX Seismo, I don’t believe her feints will help her either (didn’t test this either) She can backdash out though but what good is that really.


I have a dumb question here that has nothing to do with Guy, but what does it mean to make someone honest, in SF4? I have heard commentators say this but I’m too stupid to understand.


I see it as a means of making them play a gentlemen’s game of Street Fighter, where they’re not simply abusing 50/50’s or mix-ups that your opponent literally just has to guess to get right or is just statistically likely to react to wrong. HKD’s where you know 1 of 3+ follow ups will happen and you’ll only be able to tell for sure which one is coming 3 or less frames before it does and none of them have mutual counters, meaning you can’t bet on a spread of follow ups.

It’s a lot more obvious to understand when the term is used in games like MvC where players can essentially fill the screen with attacks that offer chip damage or heavy damaging combo’s with essentially little effort or risk without earning it. Being able to stop them playing out a pre-set routine of buffers and option selects obnoxiously and forcing them to read and respond to the game - making them play honest.


I love red focus against juri ultra 1. Only uses two bars and gives you the opportunity to run the clock on her engine a little. Red focus really made u2 much more viable as well. Now that we’re able to combo into it.


So it was already mentioned that far HK is an effective poke against Hugo. In my opinion, this is the one matchup where far MK doesn’t see much use, it gets outpoked very easily and far HK reaches a little farther.

Bushin Chain buffer also seems to reach him very easily, I’ve caught him numerous times walking/dashing forward, focus, clap, and the one far punch which I think is his jab?


Quick question - has anyone on 360 managed to successfully upload a match to youtube? I have not, but Crapcom seem to believe everything is fixed and there are no problems. Apparently I’m not the only one having issues…


Yes people have, you have to keep doing the upload thing until you get that approval thing, then you do the same for the video, fair warning… it takes 15+ minutes to upload and you can’t do anything.


HK all day vs Hugo. I think its mp.

I went in the lab did some run overhead tests. Run overhead (2hits connected)-> cr. lk-> target combo-> run slide doesn’t work on makoto, dudley, seth, gouken, gen, abel, bison, sagat, dj, guy, hakan, guile, zangief, rufus, balrog, fei, t. hawk, hugo. That is 18 characters. Which means on the other 26 characters you can link cr. lk-> target combo after run overhead (2hit connected).

On decapre, sakura, chunli, poison you just do> st. mp run slide cause of their hitboxes. On rolentoand vega tho I never got the the full hits connected, it always hits once so it is easy to combo after. On blanka it always hits once but you combo if you do overhead from far away, it doesn’t work upclose…

Run-overhead->>target combo-> runslide = 332 dmg
Run-overhead->>> runslide = 315 dmg
Run-overhead->>target combo-> lp hoz = 314 dmg
Run-overhead->>target combo->ex. hoz = 338 dmg
Run-overhead->>target combo->super = 502 dmg
Run-overhead->>target combo->lp hoz-> hk tatsu = 359 dmg (corner)
Run-overhead->>target combo->ex. hoz fadc-> ultra 1 = 524 dmg (corner)

Run-overhead->>target combo-> lp hoz (without fadc) -> ultra 1 = 500 dmg (corner)
That last combo works on shotos. viper etc. Funny stuff, 500 dmg of an overhead and spending no meter lol


I hit blanka and can combo just fine after


edited my post. Yeah, If you do a run overhead from far away and the last hit connects you can combo after… but if you do run overhead from upclose it doesn’t work


Works just fine for me don’t go by the AI crouching. If you record blanka crouch blocking you’ll get the last hit to connect and combo


Kinda sucks how you can only upload videos from your battle log and not saved replays ;;, I wish i knew beforehand.


Far MK is amazing against Elena.