Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread



So what are you guys doing after a runslide knock down now?

Been doing dash forward x2 to maximise corner push. Seems like the better option now.


Yep double dash. Delay wakeup seems to always come after I throw them as I ready a setup (eg. Two dashes jump, whiff cr HP jump), so whiffing cr LK right before seems to give a nice jump attack, still not sure if its safe though.


Whatever i please :),

#1624 after runslide is a safejump against 4 frame moves if your opponent does delayed wake-up. I have been doing dash forward x2 then immediately… is meaty. I have been doing ninja sickle after meaty


But what if they do delayed wakeup and back dash? You can’t os off cr. Mp


Actually guys may reach if they back dash


So you can definitely OS


Same. DWU means nothing to me. Decent players were utilising their tools to survive my safe jumps since AE. DWU gives them 11 more frames before just continue pressure. I don’t concern myself with hitting a safe jump any more. If you have a read or feel on what you’re opponent is likely to do on wake up, it doesn’t matter if they delay that decision with DWU, you still have the read.


What are the conditions for bushin flip to grab as opposed to elbow? I’m assuming it obviously can’t be a proximity thing since your opponent can be close but not in the grab box of the Izuna. Is it that as you press the button if the opponent is already in the grab range then three frames later they get grabbed, or does the game look specifically at the third frame after pressing mid air :p: and see whether the opponent is in the grab box at that particular frame to decided which it will do? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the second, as in all the bushin flip grabs I’ve done, I don’t remember once actually seeing Guy move in his start up frames, only after he’s already grabbed the opponent.


Izuna activates in 1 frame, so its basically if they aren’t in the grab range of when you press punch, they aren’t getting grabbed


I feel like that move should have more priority than it does. I’ve seen the grab box, combined with the fact it activates in 1 frame I’m astounded by the amount of times I’m hit air-to-air while in bushin flip by normals. That’s actually one of the uses I make of bushin flip - as a predictive air-to-air. I’ve played matches back, even in slow mo and I’m confused at the amount of times I’ve hit that second :p: before my opponent has pressed their normal and still found myself stuffed by a normal at point blank range. By the aforementioned characteristics, if I hit the :p: at the same time my opponent presses a normal, it should be in my favour every time.


Close stHk, Bushin Chain, Ex Hozanto, FADC forward dash, Ex Tatsu in the corner does 384 dmg - 543 stun and now works against: Fei Long, Rose, Juri, Sakura, Honda, Dhalsim, Viper, Sagat, Hakan and Hugo.


That isn’t even worth the bar spent :l


hey guys! im baaaaaack!


About time lol


Decided to start playing Guy. What are his AAs now that was nerfed?

#1637 and

Though cr mp is usable at like max distance


Awesome, thanks!


Exactly. hk->BCC->Super is still 500(ish) and 480(again, ish). Even if you were specifically going for stun, at the end of the tatsu you’d be out of all bars and would need to make up 116 damage in a stun-extended combo that’s already 9 or 10 hits long, depending on how many hits EX-Tatsu gave you.


Idk if its 500 ish, but HK TC LP Hoz would probably do better damage there.