Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread



How the fuck a nigga deal with Poison with Guy?


The same way I deal with evil ryu, lose

Edit: I’m sick of the shoto matchup. 3frame reversal, shitty hitbox meaning I have to shorten combos, under elbow… Urrrgh oh well. Nothing like a good whinge


Wait for Capcom to patch her weird ass hitbox


Anyone think guy will get anymore changes? I have no real idea how he can be improved, I have some (scaling ob ultra 1 needs a rethink) but he’s feeling weaker to me in ultra now that times passing. I actually liked his super incarnation when comparing (as in super guy against the super cast) and although he got buffs and is technicallly a better character, they don’t feel like enough in comparison. (Not deejay level by any means, just a little lacking)

With the twins back, grapplers with red Focus and the buffs to others I’m doubting him. I’m also drunk and a scrub so yeah…yknow… Ignore me.


I’ve liked AE Guy more than Ultra ever since release. I think he got a fair bit worse. Both offensively and defensively, against most cast.

In other news, I got 0-6’d by a Gief from winners side finals at a local tournament today which was profound sadness. Ahahaha


Am I the only one that likes Ultra Guy ._.


No I like Ultra Guy,he is very strong in USF4.Far so good,his is so abused on some characters.I feel like only rose,elena, or gief are matches you might want to pick another character.The new hurt-boxes make is hard to get full damage outside of U1 example:Decapre’s dp has a range on block that push you out of range MP~HP(MP will hit HP will whiff) and elena is…


It’s really the rest of the game itself that makes Guy have to work harder than ever before.

DWU cuts the effective of Guy’s hard knockdowns. It weakens his neutral safe jump, and elbow drop or cross up mixup against wake up.

Red focus doesn’t weaken Guy, but it does let some of his opponents deliver monstrous punishes. Guy himself doesn’t benefit much from this. Cancelling from TC is the most realistic way to use it, but TC itself does little damage, and once the crumple adds in the damage scaling, you’re not going to do a whole lot more. In this case, one/two bar or even meterless punishes would be wiser.

Looking at just the character though, this is undoubtedly the best version of Guy. In my opinion, Ninja sickle is the most significant change, and has a lot of potential.


Pretty much this. As a stand alone character I can see without a doubt that Guy generally got better -> the nerf to ROH pisses me off greatly but he has over all gotten better, but because so much of the cast has either gotten better or come in so good/broken, over all there’s more work to put in.

The one thing that bugs me the most about the poison matchup is the use of her fireball on your wake up. Poison can go from fireball into cr.HP to guard herself before you can hit her with a wake-up Ex.BushFlip. Naturally, she can also block if you go for a wake up mk.bsk and Ex.BSK won’t hit. Worst of all, the timing on the fireball allows her to throw out two fireballs on both a soft KD and a HKD, so whether you quick rise or DWU you can’t avoid one of the fireball hitting or chipping you. Focus becomes the only valid tool. Away from that, I don’t have problems with the poison match up. mp.HZO still swings under fireballs at mid range and her reversal is 4-frames, so no probs with safe jumps.

Elena is an issue because of her hurt box when crouching. Rolento is an issue because Guy doesn’t have a means of punishing or countering Rolento’s block strings outside of Ex.BSK.

Shotos? Eh - They’re not really on my radar tbh. They are doing the same stuff they could do in AE:>fireball. What annoys me the most about this match up is that once you put the hurt on a shoto scrub, they start mashing bj.HK which you cannot chase down as Guy without predicting it with a HP.bushflip. KIO, gets beat well before you get close enough to grab.


I agree with a lot said, by saying I preferred super guy I ment in comparison to the cast of super, I guess balance would have made more sense, he’s got better in almost every way, bar far standing HK to cr.HP leaving in ae.

I guess its the shift in the other casts abilities that I’m feeling, just curious now to see if this is his final version, or if the disc release will hold sonething new.

Nj.HK giving a float state would be awesome, or even better allowing a izuna drop, bushin chain not adding to the juggle count would also be great. Ultra 1 having some sort of scaling fix too, I mean the damage after the vast majority of setups is silly low considering it doesn’t juggle and needs the corner etc. I can think of a of few more but not sure how silly they sound as well… I’m a bit shite at the best of times.

HK changes have made it a fantastic antiair and really welcome, and ninja sickle too is great. His walk speed too. I guess its everyone else that got that little bit better.


Diagonal Jump MK hitbox downward

F+MP 2 hits hitting on all crouching characters. These are the changes I wanted to see in Ultra.


So this is Guy’s new costume…

I kinda like it but they could have done better! I would have liked a more ninja-esque costume with a Strider-style face covering. But hey…hoodie and Chuck Taylors will have to do!


I’d have to see color palettes… cause currently I’m not really feeling it.


I don’t mind the hood itself tbh. It definitely gives it a street feel, which works from two angles, his role in fighting on the street for Metro city in FF and the fact that it is street fighter. It plays on him being the sneakered ninja but expands it a little.

I can’t endorse what he’s wearing beneath the harimaki though…


I can tell you right now those things will never happen, even though the first I do emphatically agree with, but I would say bring the hitbox down and extend it back.


Just allow them to jump back to the corner,it gives you the advantage.


They can jump-back in the corner. It wouldn’t be so bad if BSK aa’d things above him as well as in front, or EX bsk didn’t go straight up. Aa’ing with Guy isn’t fluid. It’s very easy to miss time his aa’s. Well, your more likely to get counter hit or a bad trade tbh.


New costume looks like Guy working undercover to bust some Metro City drug dealers. Could lose the ankle wrap/bandages though, doesnt quite fit with the rest of the costume.


I don’t like Guy’s pants in the new alternate costume, it looks tacky and the color is way off. And I can’t believe they got rid of his sneakers. The costume looks more like he’s going to play Kung Fu basketball than anything else.


Against anyone who jumps back with a normal, use run slide as an antiair. Trip them as they land.