Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread



My groups for the VSFighting 2k14 are finally up. It’s gonna be this weekend and brackets are to be finalised later today. I’m in group one (G.Tech by name). If anyone has any tips on any one in the group all advice is welcome.

I know of Alioune, but I have no idea who his main is. I’m aware that he’s well versed with Sagat, Juri, Cammy and now Decapre with a litter of other chars. Will2Pac is a Viper player I’ve even seen online a couple of times. Doom Domain is Ryu, etc.


I’m not exactly sure on which character KingBlackToof plays, but he has a youtube channel which he uploads tutorials and endless vods to. Hope it helps you out!


Bushin Chain Throw in the corner on Decapre and Hugo. You can hit with them with afterwards for a HKD if you don’t want to do a reset or tatsus.

Don’t know if it works on anyone else as I tested a handful and got nothing.


I’m not sure if anyone references our match up threads anymore. Those threads (well, at least the big one) are pretty terrible, and I’ll take full blame for that. Anyone down for a complete revamp of them? I’m thinking it’ll probably be best to go back to just one thread, but it’s going to be a lot of work for the thread leader.

I’ve gotten 5th at NLBC two weeks in a row, but I’m a giant choke artist on stream. Lost to KnuckleDu and Lil’ Evil. I did win the Edition Select tournament, though. Unfortunately, Grand Finals wasn’t streamed: KnuckleDu and I double KO-ed each other, and I won the run back. THE POWER OF ONE GAME.


redo them. I would use them, but the OPs are dead, meaning they don’t even get updated anymore. And they aren’t all even made.


Got 33rd at Summer Jam… then again I haven’t played in a month… ayyyyyeeeeeeee :coffee:


Won my first tournament and a couple of FT5 money matches last night. Didn’t lose a set all night! Unfortunately wasn’t streamed or recorded but we’re hoping to record everything with commentary next time. Feeling pretty good about my Bushinryu right now!


I saw your match with Solid. It pissed me off when spooky ran his mouth about your tactics during the match. Another commentator who doesn’t actually know the Guy match up at all offering brain-dead advice.

“Too much Overhead use.”

Solid was consistently option-select blocking your run- enders. Switching to slide wouldn’t have helped. He did keep starting out with a sweep in the first 5 seconds of each round, but in general his cr.roundhouse and cr.forwards weren’t even in mk.BSK range… so you would have been punished if you didn’t block them.

“He’s trying to use to anti-air and it’s not working”

You were low profile the jumps, consistently I might add. It’s not like the auto correct, you were just avoiding having to risk blocking wrongly in an ambiguous jump. It was a shame Solid kept landing into counter-hits with this crouching jab, but I honestly don’t know if lk.BSK would wash through the jabs.


Yeah I NEVER pay attention to commentators on Guy matches. They praise stupidity and insult smart play. Unless you’re a Guy player, you can’t really appreciate what’s going on and why certain things do or don’t work.


I honestly wasn’t with it to begin with in that match in a mental aspect, having nearly beaten Jeron losing 2-1 when I had an potential 2-0, then having to beat a Juri, Hawk, Boxer, Gief and then play Solid? I was easily caught off guard during the wait period and being footsied with sweep at a range you can’t punish whether it was on block or on hit as he was smart with his using of it. outside of range and snipe the recovery. walk exactly where I can’t use RSL as a punish or U1 as a punish and walking forward was never an option to go for after I block it. I never had meter to ever punish it as he quit using it as a tool when i had a bar. Or I knew by then that the small push of momentum wouldn’t matter by that late.

I’ve got a work around it though as I noticed several things in the video, I’m not even mad at losing.


I backed you on the youtube comments XD - but seriously, it annoys me when I hear commentary on a Guy match like the only people who don’t know how great Guy is are the Guy players.

I wish my matches at VS4 were stream. I didn’t make it to top 8, when the live stream got working, so even though I was put on podium to play 2 sets, they never reached the light of day. Even here in the UK, the commentary on my match was dumb. One guy came up to me after a VICTORY (2-1 set) and asked me why I kept ending strings in Hozanto when he was clearly blocking.

I just walked on like I was Luffy being asked for a post-Evo autograph.


There are so many trash commentators, some who are extremely biased in their views. They will purposely find things to criticize even with their poor knowledge of the game (Guy especially but also for other aspects). It’s rather pathetic, and makes the streams unbearably cringeworthy sometimes.


Well for the time being I can focus on GUTS, a few local small times and Resistance 3. Coming up so I’ll be busy with SF again… I also plan to get a new PC so I can stream… so that tutorial may be finally underway.


Against my nature sure, but Royyux is the worst example of a Guy player.


Why who is he? I have only seen a couple of his games, and he seems like a beginner more than an example.


An absolute nobody.


I saw some of his matches he has up on twitch. I doesn’t seem that bad at all. What did he do to you?


Stated I was a bad Guy player. :coffee:

In the mean time though… I’ve got GUTS, Nexus and Resistance 3 to practice for… too many tournaments in my state…



Why do you upper tier Guy players never get along.

I feel the first time I ever rank in tourney, I’m gonna get a thread here shitting on how much I’m a fraud… GL in your spots. I’m kinda stuck in my area. The scene doesn’t gather regularly enough in any feasible place. As a guy from the UK, it genuinely pisses me off that Ryan Hart is able to play at as many events in my area as I can just on the basis we only host international majors twice a year (if that).

It’s dumb.


He isn’t upper tier by any means. I get along with everyone else just fine.