Kick your sneakers off and relax~ Guy General Discussion Thread



GUTS3 Result- 25th in USF4, 5th in Edition Select.

I’ve also won the grand prize of getting sick too…


who is the Guy player who got 9th?


Did you stick with USFIV Guy in edition select?


Quick survey of opinions: What is Guy’s zone? The space at which his neutral options are most effective and where he can best react to the opponent. We all know that Guy is best when he’s at frame advantage, standing in front of the opponent, but whats the best way to get there? And what are the match ups where this changes?

My own thinking on this has shifted a lot along the years. For a long time, I used to think it was the spot just outside the range of his stand mk. For awhile, I believed it was close to full screen. Now, I’m starting to think, that its the space just outside the range of MP Hozanto. What do you Guys think?


9th was TBR Last Dragon, he had to go through Coach Steve, NerdJosh and some Fuerte Player (his demon match) and lost to KBrad. Everyone had the easier brackets but me :frowning:

I did indeed use USFIV Guy all throughout. Guy’s zone is where he is most effective for the matchuip and midrange to close.


Offensively, Guys best zone is just outside far.MP range, but Guy really has to work to make this effective. Even though cr.MP xx ex hozanto is AMAZING, blind buffers dont always work, you will also face characters who utterly out-footsie Guy (example Chun, Rose, Gief). Sometimes its necessary to bait out a normal, dodge it with back walk, then forward walk again to far.MP.

I played 2012 again today, and Guy is SHIT in that game because its much harder to throw an opponent who whiffed a crouch tech / throw. Really have to exploit his good walk speed in Ultra.

Now defensively, Guys best zone is full screen, if an opponent comes close, they cannot do anything against poke xx HP bushin flip. Never get into the habit of using raw Bushin flips, for a good player its easy to react to as a full screen Rog rush punch.


@Silhouette Yeah, that’s the general drift of my thoughts too. I used to feel that the range just outside s.MP/s.MK was optimal because s.MK beats 90% of the buttons when you press it at that range. Then you can pick your spots to walk forward and s.MP, or jump for d.MP elbow and jump MK mix up.

Unfortunately, the risk reward against strong footsie characters at that range just doesn’t work out. The primary reason for this is because the j.MK/Elbow mix up isn’t really that strong at that range- too easy to beat with low profile attacks, auto correct uppercuts, and just walking forward (with characters like Rose who don’t give a fuck about j.MK cross up). Without a strong jump game, and no big damage pay off for a connected poke, the range just isn’t worth staying at against strong footsie characters.

I started to find the full screen zone a lot more viable when I discovered the power of Guy’s wall jump. I highly recommend that more Guy players experiment with using the wall jump offensively, and not just to get out of the corner. Mix up HP Bushin Flip, Wall jump j.HK and wall jump d.MP, and you have a legit full screen game.

At this point, I’m experimenting with staying at the range outside MP Hozanto because it turns out that that is the distance where Guy can actually threaten with a shit load of options- walk forward MP Hozanto, HP Hozanto (FADC if necessary), Jump HK/d.MP, MP/HP Bushin flip, walk back Bushin Run Overhead (can be made safe at the right distance), jump back and wall jump. And if they walk forward, you can walk forward and meet them with buttons. The reason why this distance is superior to the other two is simple- the more threats you can muster at 1 range, the harder it is for the opponent to react to any one of them, because reactions work best only if they can anticipate what you’re gonna do.

That’s my thinking for now.


Just a way to get that full Super on Poison in the corner.

Look to get a close CH cl.MK -> Ninja Sickle -> MK Tatsu -> Super (583 damage / 485 stun)


cr HP -> Ninja Sickle

Works with/without CH on Dudley, Hakan, Guile, Zangief, Rufus, Fuerte, Claw, Hugo

Works on the twins too, but on CH, only the second hit of Ninja sickle will land (juggle)

Only hits once on Cody. Without CH, only the 1st hit of sickle hits, on CH, second hit will land (juggle)

Works on Balrog non-CH only


I think its fitting for Guy to have a cheetah outfit alt. Maybe something like a Strider (slash) cheetah outfit… Something like they did with Ryu but with a ninja mask.


I’ve been watching some Guy replays lately and I dont know if those players come on SRK, but Guys, use target combo more often as an approach tool, instead of JUST as a close up frame trap/pressure tool.

I see some Guys who are starting to value the importance of spacing, they’ve added far MK as a main tool, but this should primarily be used to make opponents respect your space, being predictable with pokes will be punished by focus attacks. Using TC when your opponent focuses in expectation of far MK, will break their focus or sometimes their own poke since far MP is fairly quick. Sometimes moves like Gouken’s parry and Dudley’s cross counter will come up, so mix in simple walk up throws or staggers/feints.


I definitely use TC for that reason. The range buff made it possible to do.

Frankly it also gives you 1 extra link worth to time for hit confirm. At max range, I leave it empty, but I will go for a HZO or run->option if I want chip or have a read. If I want to make it safe, I use Fierce BushFlip and jump to the other side of the screen.


More of a general question - what personal match ups give you problems at your local scene? Is there one or two people from round the way who make a match up that was in your favour against other players? Seems worth talking about if there’s particular play styles that punk you.

For me, there’s a Gief player that makes me play a guessing game on a KD, using pokes to punish a back dash, grabs to punish wake up normals and lariat to punish ex.BSK. This is someone I play regularly and I do think there’s an element of stick watching in his reads, lol. But none the less, he does gambles so much. He just doesn’t care about the risk of guessing me wrong or comfortable defending on a life lead. I don’t play against that style outside of playing him and we don’t run sets, mostly because he doesn’t want me to figure him out, which I can respect tbh. If I can get tape, then I will. Outside of him, I don’t fear anyone at my local scene, but it’s not got many matured players, just a few gimmicks here and there. There was a rolento player who spammed delta attack a lot (like so many people did) but I took a day and just grinded out all my responses to it and the ex delta escape from the corner to recognise that I can grab/U2 him as he approached for a fancy looking counter among other things like mp or slide. It was that, and bopping him with hk out of pogo stance constantly and whittling his health.


The local Cody,E.Ryu give me problems aka team don’t get hit but the worst is Demon Hiyo’s seth.Character wise Rufus Balrog Gief Decapre I play lame/passive/poke with bait but if I get the momentum am killing you.Main problem: my drop combos be laterally the death of me.


I’m usually confident against Viper but theres this one Viper/Ibuki main who has broad knowledge of the game, as well as incredible mixups, he also plays Rose and makes the matchup against Guy look 8-2 favorable.

On an unrelated note, I recently played Final Fight 2 out of nostalgia, and even back then the elbow drop inflicted little hit stun against the Andores (the type of enemy Hugo is).


Fuck it. Counterpick his ass.

He can handle all 3 of them. Besides… Bison is also in the,, club. In fact he started it since Guy wasn’t added until Super.


So I’ve been playing guy almost exclusively, but now im looking to pick up a secondary. Who are Guy’s worst matchups? I know Zangief is pretty annoying, but who else should I be looking to cover with my secondary?


Pick Sagat.

Sagat punks Ehonda, Boxer, Guile, Gouken and naturally goes 50/50 against other sagats.


Be thankful that Guy doesn’t have 7-3s anymore.

6/4s: Grapplers

5.5/4.5 - Boxer, Chun, Fei, Bison.

Guile and Gouken aren’t bad matchups,

He does have some gripe against the new characters in terms of hurtboxes but that’s it (this includes Hugo)

USF4 Tier List Thread (updated October 2015)
USF4 Tier List Thread (updated October 2015)

Guile’s cr HP is an effective counter to Bushin flip elbow drop, but once you start mixing in uncanceled Bushin flips or late elbow drops behind the opponent, you can watch him whiff cr HP or flash kick, and land in time to punish. Command elbow drop still seems to sometimes beat flash kick, I thought I heard this was no longer so in Ultra, guess not.

Leads me to believe that Guys best approach against Guile, may be his aerial ones, so long as you’re not too predictable.